Google Now makes our phone more familiar

Google Now is gradually taking giant steps with the firm spirit of becoming an extension of our body. A mobile assistant that is always there so that the time comes when we need to respond appropriately .

Google is pampering its services with small updates and this time it has been the turn of Google Now. The popular assistant sees how the possibility of calling the contacts of our agenda comes just by saying “call X” .

Many may think that calling contacts using only the voice is not new, although this update keeps us a little surprise. Now we can call using the terms “call mom”, “dad”, “cousin” or “wife” , even if that name is not registered in the agenda.

In that case, if we do not have the name registered, Google Now will ask us to use it that first time, being already associated for the other occasions . It ends like this having to search the agenda or use the bookmark.

A small utility that can be useful in many cases, especially by improving accessibility for certain people, thus facilitating the use of your smartphone .

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