Grocery chain offering reduced prices Activity monitors at an affordable price is now available at Lidl.

The German global discount grocery operator Lidl has introduced a low-cost alternative to fitness trackers made by Fitbit and Garmin.

It is not the first time that the company has introduced a smart health device that is accessible to those with fewer financial resources. In addition to that, it has a smart scale as well as a clever blood pressure monitor. Be aware that these do not supply all of the frills and conveniences that are offered by more expensive and high-end rivals, but they do offer the essentials.

The Silvercrest fitness tracker is available in three different colour options: black, purple, and pink. It tracks the number of steps you take, the distance you go, the number of calories you burn, the amount of time you are active, and how long you sleep. The wearable device even contains a UV sensor, which is a feature that is not included on too many other fitness trackers.

In order to offer smartphone alerts for incoming calls and messages, the device does not have a screen; therefore, it employs vibrations and an LED light instead. You will need to access the app on your Apple or Android smartphone in order to get a comprehensive look at your health statistics. Aside from that, the tracker has a water-resistance rating of IP67 and comes with a battery that can be recharged.

Now that there is even more competition, companies like Fitbit, Garmin, and Apple won’t be as scared as they were before. The fact that the technology is getting easier and easier to use is an intriguing aspect of this situation. Even grocery store companies are getting in on the action. They are also releasing devices with lower price points, such as the Silvercrest, which will cost approximately $30.

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