Guide: Buying a Tactical Watch

A tactical watch is a device created to meet the specific needs of persons who work in special forces or participate in extreme sports. Some characteristics are required for a successful tactical watch. The attributes listed below are some to look for the next time you go shopping.


Even after several collisions throughout the years, a good tactical watch should always work. It should have a scratch-resistant crystal face that remains scratch-free for the duration of your ownership. Reading the time will become difficult if it is broken, so choose a timepiece constructed of higher quality materials that have been properly tested.

Your best bet is to get a sapphire-encrusted face. This is just second to diamond in terms of rarity. One of the most scratch-resistant materials on the planet is sapphire. It’s also surprisingly inexpensive.

In terms of the case, high-grade stainless steel is a good choice. Ceramic or polymer plastic are other options.

Knowing what materials your watch is constructed of is crucial. It makes no difference how much it costs. You’ll be disappointed if it’s made of low-quality materials or assembled with shoddy artistry. Check to see if it’s been tried. Sticking with a respected watch brand will work out in the long run.


The importance of accuracy cannot be overstated. If you’re on the front lines, you’ll have to coordinate your gadget with others. You don’t want to have to re-calibrate your watch because it’s out of sync if you’re on an extreme trip.

Mechanical timepieces have a more appealing appearance. But don’t fall for it. The accuracy of quartz and digital timepieces is significantly superior. We know what certification to look for as a hallmark of Swiss accuracy and precision, thanks to knowledge from the Official Swiss Chronometer Testing Institute. This watch is regarded to be a mechanical watch that should not wander more than 6 seconds every day. QuartzOn the other hand, quartz should not wander by more than 0.07 seconds.


Military operations and outdoor excursions can be full-time job that lasts 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It’s a highly important feature to be able to read the time in the dark without having to use your hands to light it up.

This function will come in handy when your hands are full from skiing, climbing, holding handlebars, a steering wheel, a weapon, a fishing pole, or whatever else. AIt’s as simple as flicking your wrist and tilting your head. This will be a breeze if you have an excellent tactical watch.


An ATM rating is given to watches that can survive water. The term ‘atmosphere’ refers to a pressure unit that your gadget can withstand without breaking. A watch with a 5ATM rating can withstand pressure comparable to 50 meters of water depth.

But proceed with caution. Even though the device’s marketing claims otherwise, some watches can’t even endure the pressure of a standard shower. The official ATM rating reveals the reality. You shouldn’t snorkel with anything less than 5ATM as a matter of thumb. The higher the ATM, the more trustworthy it is.

Choose one that has at least 10 ATMs. You won’t hesitate to enter any type of water, including a sudden downpour of rain.

When should you go digital?

There are compelling reasons to adopt digital if accuracy isn’t a priority. Some people prefer the look of an analog watch, but it’s safe to assume that if you’re searching for a tactical watch, looks aren’t high on your priority list.

Digital timepieces have the potential to be accurate (just not as accurate as quartz). Digital timepieces are capable of a wide range of features. A digital watch can provide vital information to help you stay on track with your mission.

Digital watches are tremendously easy to see visually. A digital display will show you how much time you have left in an easily consumable format if you’re on a tight deadline. It will help you keep up with your speed and encourage you to keep going.


These suggestions aren’t entirely set in stone. True, not all tactical timepieces are made to be attractive. That isn’t to suggest that appearance isn’t significant to some people. Everyone is not the same. Tactical watches aren’t all the same. When discretion isn’t a priority, some extremely bold solutions are available.

Timepieces with a non-metallic band are more likely to come in a variety of colorful colors.

If you want something that is less noticeable and more subtle, opt for non-reflective material. It won’t give you away if you’re trying to be safe.

What is an example of a tactical timepiece?

Turgeon creates high-quality products that are also accurate and precise. They use the greatest components inside their clocks constructed of the best materials. All Turgeons are required to pass the most stringent industrial testing.

The Torgoen T7T ($355 / £300) was designed specifically for those in the special forces and/or those who enjoy extreme activities. This Swiss-made timepiece boasts a 10ATM water resistance rating and a quartz mechanism with dual timezones.

The mechanism is made of the highest-grade stainless steel with a PVD backplate. The face is constructed of sapphire, which is scratch-resistant and anti-reflective. Underneath that, luminous hands and indices can be found.

It has a spinning bezel that looks like one from a dive watch.

It’s built to last a lifetime and is extremely durable.

Depending on your demands, the strap can be swapped around. Choose a subtle black or a more striking stainless steel if you wish to be more formal.

To top it off, it’s packaged in a waterproof gift box with a handy release knob. It’s ideal for securing your valuables.

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