Here is how to earn activity badges on your Garmin device on New Year's Eve and New Year's Day

Don’t forget to record an activity on both New Year’s eve and New Year’s day if you want to earn a Garmin activity badge—how important it is for those of us who like to collect them.

 Both of these challenges are referred to by their respective names: “Start Strong” and “Finish Strong.” The first option asks users to sync their data with Garmin Connect and log any activities they completed on December 31. The second challenge asks you to repeat the first challenge on January 1st, so here’s hoping you won’t be too hung over from the first one.

Your location is taken into consideration in determining whether or not the challenges appear in the smartphone app offered by Garmin. You will need to wait till the time on the clock matches the date for you.

This is the appearance of the badges. Initially, they are only visible in black and white, but if you earn them, you’ll see them in full color.

For the benefit of individuals who might not be aware of it, the badges page of the Garmin Connect app can be accessed by clicking on your avatar on the dashboard of the app. You will be able to view the most recent few badges that you have earned directly underneath the Activity tab. Simply select “All Badges” from the drop-down menu to proceed to the following page. You can see all of the badges that you are still working on earning in the Available column of the table.

It will be some time before there is another badge that is particular to a date. Because March 8 is International Women’s Day, the next one won’t take place until after that day. And that one is going to be reserved exclusively for people who already own Captain Marvel watches.

A new year is always a chance for a new beginning, a chance to start again, and an opportunity to try something different. The majority of us make a variety of resolutions pertaining to our health and fitness. Garmin is doing what it does best to assist in getting things off to a good start. The problem is that we begin the day with a positive attitude, but as soon as the harsh reality of our hectic life comes into focus, we lose focus. Check out our advice on how to keep your New Year’s resolutions to improve your health and fitness for the year 2020.

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