How to Choose the Best Work Vehicle Tracker?

How to Choose the Best Work Vehicle Tracker?

Think about your choices in light of the size of your fleet, where you typically travel, and any other relevant factors

It is critical for a company that owns large tangible assets such as automobiles, vans, trucks, motorcycles, tractors, and trailers to have a GPS that monitors their whereabouts. Solutions for tracking work cars based on GPS do more than stop theft and help recover stolen vehicles; they also monitor how vehicles function and how your staff uses them.

There is no doubt a wide variety of choices for asset tracking alternatives for vehicle fleets. They can be as simple as little tags that operate on low-energy radio frequencies and are compatible with Bluetooth. They can be as complex as big hard-wired devices buried inside vehicles to avoid easy deactivation.

We’re going to look at some of the most well-known products now available on the market for monitoring a diverse fleet of commercial vehicles, ranging from automobiles and trucks to boats and trailers.

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How does accurate tracking of vehicles take place?

To begin, most built-in tracking systems use GPS technology to broadcast a location. A small number of satellites will be used to bounce signals to triangulate the vehicle’s location. The location is subsequently received, and either an online platform or a software application displays it to the user.

If the car is stolen, the GPS can serve as a signaling device to help recover it. In addition to this, it displays the vehicle’s travel speed, distance, and time spent operating to monitor fuel consumption, detect whether or not an employee took an unlawful break, and whether the vehicle entered or exited a predefined geofenced area.

As a result, effective feedback such as this makes it possible for a business to operate more effectively. It guarantees that employees are compensated appropriately for the amount of time they put in.

When selecting a solution for tracking work vehicles, keep a few things in mind

Corporations can install individual monitoring systems in employee automobiles to keep tabs on both location and speed. When making long-distance deliveries across state or international boundaries, a fleet of trucks can be tracked using specialized fleet management systems. The work vehicle tracking solution that is best suited to meet your requirements will be determined by a range of criteria, including the following:

  • The total amount of vehicles
  • Vehicle size
  • Type of freight
  • Distance parameters
  • How the cars will move through the terrain
  • Chargeable or hard-wired: what kind of device is it?
  • Availability of telecommunication services, including both one-way and two-way communication.
  • The monitoring capabilities that you require
  • The parameters of your geofencing.

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What are the most effective ways of tracking work vehicles?

For vehicles and vans

Bouncie; Not only can you use this clever device to track your vehicle with GPS, but it is also a good option for businesses interested in gaining insight into how their vehicles are being driven.

With the assistance of Google Maps, this device, the MOTOsafety MPAAS1P1, can monitor everything from the position of work vehicles to their travel speeds and the directions in which they are traveling. In addition to that, it is equipped with geofencing features and a suitable app.

The Spytec GL300 is a device that is compatible with apps and uses both 4G and GPS to monitor the whereabouts of any car at all times. In addition, data about your speed and distance can be shown, and geofences can be put up.

When it comes to Trucks

Generates field reports to track stop, start, travel times, and delivery timings. This feature is included with Rhino Fleet Tracking. It is possible to monitor an entire fleet by using a mobile app.

ClearPathGPS is a solution for tracking vehicles that allow users to select from various hardware devices and subscription plans, provides for professional installation, and keeps track of when vehicle maintenance is due.

This is a Teletrac Navman. It can be expanded to include one or two additional tracks and a whole fleet. The gadget provides a continuous data flow for 24 hours, allowing businesses to conduct in-depth analyses about mapping, vehicle routing, and delivery locations.

Regarding agricultural automobiles, plants, and mechanical equipment

TS10 provides specialized tracking developed specifically for use with heavy plant equipment such as cranes, diggers, and generators. It is impervious to water on all sides, can be hidden with relative ease, and uses very little electricity.

US Fleet Tracking – This device can be used in any car because it is wireless and resistant to tampering. In addition to having a low battery consumption, it has live tracking capabilities and full GPS.

CloudHawk is an excellent solution for all types of GPS tracking, from monitoring smaller pieces of plant machinery to monitoring larger vehicles like diggers and cranes. This tracker can also monitor other characteristics, such as asset utilization and idle time, to optimize asset use.

Regarding trailers

Users can monitor their usage history and receive GPS tracking that is ideal for trailers and containers through Verizon Connect. In addition to detecting temperature and vibration changes, water resistance is another feature of Verizon Connect devices.

Tenna is a specific solution that was developed to track assets and manage them directly from an application. The transmission of signals is accomplished by Bluetooth technology in conjunction with GPS.

Mix Telematics – You need to attach it to your automobile and connect it to your smartphone. You will be notified if your asset is moved or altered in any way by another party. All sizes of trailers and flatbeds will find this to be an ideal fit.

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Conclusions and musings

Whatever your requirements may be, there is a comprehensive selection of car tracking options for the workplace available. We strongly suggest making use of a GPS tracker that:

Have the ability to monitor an asset from a distance.

Your insurance company recognizes it as being appropriate for the vehicle you drive.

Includes the ability to perform remote monitoring using your smartphone.

In addition, you should think about installing systems that are capable of sending fast notifications whenever the equipment is tampered with or whenever the vehicle is stolen. You will then be able to move quickly and notify the appropriate authorities to facilitate a prompt recovery.

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