How to install WhatsApp on the new Nokia 8110

How to install WhatsApp on the new Nokia 8110

The launch of the new version of Nokia 8110 was one of the most striking moments of the technology sector in 2018. The classic phone created by Nokia in 1998 returned to the market with a more modern look and better capabilities, although it was still a feature phone , that is, a basic telephone.

The new Nokia 8110 was released with important news, such as the presence of Google applications. However, a key app was missing in the current communication: WhatsApp! More than a year after his presentation at the Mobile World Congress 2018, the remake of the Nokia 8110 has already welcomed WhatsApp worldwide . Learn how to install it and take advantage of the full potential of your feature phone .

How to install WhatsApp on the new Nokia 8110
Before its arrival was official, we already had a slight idea of how WhatsApp would work on the Nokia 8110 and the rest of the features phones with the KaiOS system . The app does not have the extensive functions that it has in the most powerful smartphones, but, even so, it is useful to communicate without problems with other contacts.

The Nokia 8110 4G from India began receiving WhatsApp in early April, which made us assume that its worldwide launch was just around the corner. And so it has been, a month later, you can now install WhatsApp on your new Nokia 8110 by following a few simple steps .

The first thing you should do is update the phone to the latest version of KaiOS, v15, with around 38MB in weight. To do this, you must go to Settings> About phone> System updates> Check for updates. Follow the instructions on the phone to install that update after making sure you have enough memory for it.

Until you meet this requirement, the WhatsApp app will not appear in the app store. Thus, once you have updated the operating system to the latest version, go to the KaiStore. Search WhatsApp among the apps in the “Social” category and download it so that the installation begins and you can finally enjoy the most popular instant messaging network on your Nokia 8110.

As expected, this app will only allow you to perform basic functions, such as sending messages, photos or videos . Its own definition of “basic phone” suggests that you can not ask for much more, so you have to forget to make audio or video calls by WhatsApp with the new Nokia 8110.

Attentive, because updating KaiOS to the new version not only means being able to install WhatsApp, but also Facebook . Although this app was not as requested, from now on those who have the new version of the classic Nokia phone can also download the social network of Mark Zuckerberg.

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