How to receive a complimentary additional year of the Fitbit Premium membership

How to receive a complimentary additional year of the Fitbit Premium membership

A user on the Reddit website has detailed a method for obtaining one more free year of the Fitbit Premium subscription. It is not entirely obvious whether this is a momentary bug in the system or whether the corporation is providing people with a second opportunity to test out the trial.

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Is it worthwhile to pay for Fitbit Premium? Because we have already written an extensive piece on the subject, we won’t go into detail on that question in this post. The monthly subscription costs $9.99, while the yearly plan costs $79.99 if you choose that. If you have an older model of Fitbit, upgrading to the Premium subscription might not be something that interests you. However, those who have more recent gadgets have access to considerably more detailed data, even though some of it is protected by a fee.

Those who have never subscribed to Fitbit Premium before are eligible for a free trial of the service that lasts for a full three months. This is to assist customers in determining whether or not the additional features are worth it to them. If you cancel before the trial period is over, you will not be charged for the service. Additionally, customers who buy one of the more recent gadgets are eligible for a free trial period, which is normally one year in length.

On the other hand, a member of Reddit has found a technique to acquire two free trial offers at the same time. When she purchased her Fitbit approximately a year ago, it came with a complimentary subscription for the first year. She decided to discontinue it a few months in, and as a result, the premium service was terminated only this past week. After that, she decided to explore the app for fun, and as she was doing so, she discovered that when she went to the “discover premium” section, she had two choices to choose from.

The app informed her that she had already exhausted the “Monthly” option, which was one of these options. The second option was “Annual,” and much to her astonishment, it was indicated that she might choose that one. She reactivated it, and as a result, she was granted a free Premium subscription for an additional year.

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On the Reddit post, a number of other customers have gone through the same process, and some of those users have also been offered an additional free trial. In some instances, the sentence was for ninety days. In others, it was for six months; in a few fortunate cases, it was for an entire year. There were some people who were not offered a free trial.

Therefore, it appears to be quite arbitrary. However, if you have already used Fitbit Premium, you might want to try this workaround to see whether or not you are eligible for another free trial offer. There’s a chance that Fitbit is in a giving mood, but it’s also possible that the system is experiencing a short hiccup. In any event, it is not a bad idea to give it a shot.

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