HR Notifications and Simplified Spo2 Monitoring Are Included in The Newest Version of Fitbitos for The Sense and Versa 3

HR Notifications and Simplified Spo2 Monitoring Are Included in The Newest Version of Fitbitos for The Sense and Versa 3

Users of the Fitbit Sense and Fitbit Versa 3 will soon receive an operating system upgrade from Fitbit. This adds monitoring of blood oxygen levels from the Today dashboard, as well as alarms for high and low heart rates and other features.

The corporation has not provided a specific timetable for when the update will become available. FitbitOS 5.1.1 is the most recent version available. Consequently, if you look in the smartphone app and find a larger number than that, it means that it has these updates. Simply clicking on the banner will install it for you. Sense and Versa 3 customers are the only ones who can take advantage of the newly added capabilities. It is not entirely obvious why Fitbit does not include this feature on their other devices. It would appear that this is a feature that can be applied to previous models of the Versa, Charge 4, Inspire 2, and Luxe. It’s possible that this will happen in due time.

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Monitoring of SpO2

The monitoring of blood oxygen levels has benefited from several upgrades over the course of the past year. You may now retrieve your readings from one more location thanks to our most recent update. Within the Health Metrics Dashboard of the Fitbit smartphone app, a brand new tile is now being added. After being activated, it will display the nightly average of your SpO2 as well as trends from the preceding week.

Those who have paid for a premium subscription are able to examine longer-term patterns that are presented as monthly statistics. Additionally, they gain from insights that assist in the interpretation of data provided.

Warnings for both high and low heart rates

The next possible upgrade is something that users of the Apple Watch and select Garmin sports watches have had access to for some time now. Having warnings for both a high and low heart rate will help you monitor your health more effectively.

This makes use of the continuous monitoring of heart rate that is available on Fitbit devices. It is necessary for you to configure the high and low heart rate thresholds. You will receive a notification from Versa 3 and Sense if they determine that you are not engaging in physical activity but that your heart rate is outside of this range. After that, the Fitbit app will lead you through a series of questions designed to assist in analyzing what’s going on.

Fitbit has said that this function will not be available in all areas; therefore, if you have upgraded your device but are still unable to use it, this may be the reason why. The warnings are not intended to be utilized in the process of diagnosing medical issues.

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Other modifications

This version includes a couple of additional recent modifications. The following are some of them:

Listen to Google’s audible responses: in addition to adding written responses, this offers the ability to hear Google’s audible responses. The fact that both the Versa 3 and the Sense come equipped with their own speakers makes this feature possible. You have the option to switch from receiving audio responses to receiving text responses if you would like not to be bothered by them.

The clock face switcher simplifies the process of switching between the many faces of the clock. The Clocks app can be opened by performing a long press on the display for a few seconds. After that, you’ll be able to select a watch face from the available options by cycling through the available options on your smartwatch.

New occasions for celebration: New and improved on-wrist celebrations have been added as a means of rewarding your hard work and serving as a source of inspiration for you.

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