Improved connection with Alexa, Find My iPhone, and other features have been added to Motiv Ring

A few new partnerships and features for the fitness tracking ring made by Motiv have been announced.

This is an extremely lightweight piece of technology that is intended to assist you in being more active while also enhancing the quality of your sleep. It is designed for use around the clock and provides a comprehensive analysis of your health and lifestyle. You will receive information on active minutes, activity type, sleep duration, active heart rate, resting heart rate, calories burned, distance traveled, and number of steps taken. The device weighs less than a penny and can withstand being submerged in water.

First things first, the functionality of Alexa, which was released a couple of months ago, is getting an upgrade. Alexa now has the capability to answer questions regarding active minutes, calories, sleep, and steps. They can also get more in-depth answers to questions about things like exercise, nutrition, and sleep.

Motiv now has a “Find My iPhone” option, which can be of assistance in the event that you misplace your mobile device. You just need to give the ring on your phone a couple rapid twists and it will begin to chime and vibrate for one minute. Users of the smart ring will have the ability to share their activities with other members of the community by giving them access to their daily feeds as a result of the increased social functionality provided by the smart ring.

At long last, Motiv has brought to light new collaborations with Pear Sports, Plus3, and Lindora. These three apps can help you plan, track, keep working toward, and eventually reach your health and wellness goals.

Recently, in addition to being sold on the company’s website, the ring has also been made available for purchase on Amazon.

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