In the month of February, Apple will hold two activity challenges specific to the Apple Watch

Apple will be providing a Unity Challenge badge for customers to earn in February in honor of Black History Month, which takes place in February. In addition, the Cupertino company has stated that they will be hosting a Lunar Month challenge in the following weeks.

Black History Month (also known as African-American History Month) is an annual commemoration of the never-ending struggle for racial equality. Up to this point, it has been awarded official recognition by both the United States and Canada. In addition, it is recognized in several other nations, including the United Kingdom, Ireland, and the Netherlands.

Apple is running its Apple Watch Unity Challenge competition for the second year in a row now. The brand also released a limited-edition set of straps specifically for the event one year ago. Only the challenge is coming our way this time around.

Users of the Activity app should start receiving alerts any moment now explaining what actions they need to take to earn a medal in the app. Stickers that may be used in Messages and FaceTime are the additional prizes that will be awarded.

In its most basic form, the assignment requires the participant to shut the moving ring for seven consecutive days during the month of February. The fact that you can’t skip a single day throughout that week makes that seem simpler than it actually is.

This month, let’s celebrate the past of black people while also looking ahead to our shared future. During the month of February, you can get this Unity award by closing your Move ring seven days in a row.

These stickers may be earned by participation in the Unity Challenge.

The Lunar New Year Task is the second challenge that needs to be completed in the month of February. Users will be faced with completing any 20-minute workout between the 1st and 15th of February to qualify for this one. That seems to be a lot less difficult to finish than the Unity Challenge. This is how Apple explains it on their website.

Exercise is a great way to provide some much-needed balance to this otherwise relaxing season. To get this award, you must complete an exercise of any kind for a minimum of 20 minutes between February 1 and February 15. Use the Workout app or any other app that adds workouts to Health to keep track of your workout progress.

Certain places do not observe the lunar new year. Because of this, it is quite likely that the challenge will only be accessible in China and possibly some other eastern Asian countries.

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