Indiglo Watch Collection by Timex


Timex Indiglo — American watchmaker Timex has been making high-quality timepieces at an accessible price since 1854.

In addition, the brand provides excellent customer service, which has helped it become one of the most well-known and well-loved watchmakers on the planet.

What does it mean to be Indiglo?

Some Timex watches have an Indiglo function. It’s an electro-luminous panel hidden below the watch’s face that illuminates when a button is pressed.

Take a look at some of the Timex watches that include this capability.

35mm Easy Reader

£24 / $29.95

With an Easy Reader for only thirty dollars, you won’t have much to complain about. It performs as well as some of its main competitors and has the same sleek appearance as more expensive minimalist watches.

It has a petite brass casing that is 25mm in diameter and is only 6mm thick. The mineral glass crystal is used to cover the face. It has a black leather strap that goes with both formal and casual outfits.

This is a terrific watch that will give you faithful service if you want something that looks more costly than it is (i.e., if you have Champagne taste but beer money). It features a basic and timeless design, so you’ll only want to replace it once in a while.

38mm Weekender

£45 / $55

For those on a tight budget, here’s another traditional-looking watch.

The Weekender watch is available in several styles, ranging from stainless steel to colorful nylon.

They all have a 38mm case that goes with everything. You can replace the stainless steel or nylon band with a waterproof one, which you might want to do because this watch is water-resistant to 30 meters.

Inside, you’ll find a quartz movement as well as the Indiglo feature (which you can safely presume all of the watches on this list have).


£30 / $39

The Expedition wristbands are available in a variety of sizes and styles. The 40mm case, which is made of brushed brass, is the most popular. You can choose between leather and a nylon strap.

A mineral crystal glass cover can be found on the face. It has a date window at 3 o’clock (where the crown is also located) and 24-hour indications. The Expedition is powered by analog quartz movements on the inside. Surprisingly, the actual value for money comes from the watch’s 50m water resistance, which means you’ll be fine if you forget to take it off in the shower or go for a swim while wearing it.

Waterbury Chronograph (Traditional)

£74 / $96

This is a terrific option for the money if you enjoy a huge, sporty watch that can also act as a more formal timepiece when coupled with a white shirt and blazer.

The Waterbury collection does a fantastic job of combining current elegance with a nostalgic flair. The Weekender, according to some, is the best-looking of all the Timex watches.

The casing is 42mm in diameter and 22mm thick. It’s hefty in contrast to other Timex watches, and it’s big by comparison, but it’s not too big in the great scheme of things. On a larger wrist, it looks great.

It has a greenish-yellow face with matching indices that aren’t luminous, despite their appearance. They don’t have to be now, due to Indiglo.

Overall, it appears that you are getting better value for your money. The stainless steel case and mineral crystal glass make it more robust than some inexpensive options.

It’s another timeless Timex classic, with water resistance up to 50 meters and a soft leather bracelet.


£27 / $39

It’s worth mentioning the Fairfield. It’s another inexpensive watch that looks fantastic, especially considering the price tag of around $40.

Timex put a lot of effort into making this watch seem both entertaining and stylish. It’s available in both male and female forms. Inside, you’ll find quartz movement, a 50m water-resistance rating, and, you got it, Indiglo.

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