Is it worth buying the Xiaomi Mi 6?

We are finally facing a golden age when it comes to smartphones. We have reached some levels of power and camera that were not even imaginable a few years ago , and that allow us to flatter the useful life of the devices in a much more dignified way than we had a few years ago.

Today, getting a terminal of 1 or two years is a purchase more than recommended, and the issue to be discussed today. The Xiaomi Mi 6 is still a great alternative in value for money and today, we pay a small tribute to a terminal that if it already stood out in its day, today it has reason to continue doing so.

Xiaomi Mi 6, seen in perspective

The Xiaomi Mi 6 is a terminal built in aluminum and glass , with a 16: 9 classic format and a 5.15 inch screen with Full HD resolution. The processor that gives it life is the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 , accompanied by 6 generous GB of RAM - a rather unpopular version of 4 GB was launched - and 64 GB as the basis for internal storage.

Its battery is 3350mAh, more than enough to power the “small” screen. The photographic section is composed of a double 12-megapixel sensor, capable of taking pictures in portrait mode at the height of many terminals of 2018. Balance is the word that defines the Xiaomi Mi 6 , which has a few reasons to buy it.

For its size

Today, it is practically to find a 5-inch terminal, with good design and high-end. The Xiaomi Mi 6 is a very powerful terminal, but with a quite restrained size . The Xiaomi Mi 6 has a panel of just over 6 inches, so despite the format, the differences in size are notable.

If you need a compact terminal, with a good camera, battery and powerful , saving Google’s Pixel 2 - much more expensive and with a worse design -, few options remain in the market.

For your battery

The battery of the Xiaomi Mi 6 was one of the best at the time, and compared to the current high-end, it still does not fall behind. Just over 5 inches in FHD resolution are easy to move for the Snapdragon 835 , so the more than 3300mAh become practically perfect amperage.

To this we must add that the Xiaomi Mi 6 has fast charging technology , so both loading and unloading are two poles that you must take into account when doing it.

By the fingerprint reader

With the exception of the Huawei P20, there are hardly any high-end terminals on Android that retain the front fingerprint reader. The Mi 6 works spectacularly , without needing facial recognition or other technologies that although they are an ideal complement, they will never be as simple and fast as a fingerprint reader on the front of the device.

For his camera

While the camera of the Xiaomi Mi 6 does not compete from you to you with those we find in the top of 1,000 euros range, it is still an incredible camera in value for money . The Xiaomi Mi 6 costs just over 300 euros, price for which we can buy some of the most expensive versions of the Mi A2, mid-range terminal whose camera does not approach that of the Mi 6.

For this price it is difficult to find a better photographic experience, so the Mi 6 becomes an even more striking alternative if we are one of those who want to take advantage of the camera.

For its value for money

Yes, we know, you are thinking of the Pocophone F1 . While this is a more current and powerful purchase, the size, front fingerprint reader, glass and aluminum finished design, as well as the general qualities , the Xiaomi Mi 6 is still a winning purchase, ideal for those who want a top of Cheap and small size range.

Where to buy the Xiaomi Mi 6

You can currently buy the Xiaomi Mi 6 on any Chinese page. In our case, we recommend Lightinthebox, since it is where we found it cheaper. 311 euros for this spectacular terminal is still a demolition price , since on average it is usually about 350 euros on different websites.

Finally, we can enjoy Android terminals with some time at a reduced price, and thanks to Qualcomm and the optimization of manufacturers, performance is no longer a problem in the high range of one or two years ago.

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