Is the UMIDIGI Uwatch 2S worth it?

At this price point, the UMIDIGI Uwatch 2s is an excellent smartwatch with a lot of functions. I doubt that any other smartwatch in this price range can match it.

This watch can track your performance in 14 different sports modes. Furthermore, the precision of this low-cost wristwatch is rather good.

Furthermore, the overall appearance of this watch is fantastic. It has a 1.3-inch touchscreen interface with a 240 × 240 pixel resolution. The display’s sole flaw is that it isn’t strong enough to be viewed in direct sunshine.

In this price range, I believe it is adaptable.

Aside from that, the UMIDIGI Uwatch 2s is enticing for anybody looking for a good wristwatch for less than $50.


The UMIDIGI Uwatch 2s has a beautiful and clean design that gives it the appearance of a pricey device. This watch features a 2.5D clamshell design that makes it more appealing to everybody.

Its style makes it appropriate for both informal and formal settings. You also have three colour choices (White, Gold, and Gray) to choose from, depending on your preferences.

When sporting a formal shirt, this watch is tiny enough just to fit beneath your wrist.

When it comes to comfort, the aluminium alloy dial looks quality and is light in weight, making it easier to wear. This watch comes highly recommended by individuals searching for a watch to wear regularly.


The UMIDIGI Uwatch 2s has a 1.3-inch square colour touch display with 2.5D curved edges, which provides a comfortable viewing experience. It has a touch screen with a dimension of 240 by 240 pixels.

The colours on the display are pleasing. The display quality, on the other hand, is low yet workable at this price. Because the display isn’t bright enough, reading in bright light will be challenging.

This watch comes with a variety of stock watch faces that you may use to personalise the display. You may even make it with any custom picture.

Fitness Tracking

Walking, jogging, biking, badminton, basketball, soccer, running, fitness, mountaineering, tennis, yoga, dancing, and more are among the 14 sports modes included in the UMIDIGI Uwatch 2s.

It sends the data from your performance numbers to your smartphone via the DaFit App. The information it collects aids you in tracking your progress toward your fitness goal.

It can measure your footsteps, duration, calorie expenditure, and exercise statistics as a fitness gadget. The information appears to be factual and remarkable.

Yet, it occasionally fails to offer precision; however, I will not complain because this watch is well worth the money.

Day-to-Day performance

When it regards accuracy, you’ll find this wristwatch to be rather good.

This watch has a user-friendly interface that makes it convenient and simple to use.

The pace meter and pulse rate sensor appear to be reliable, however, the heart monitor occasionally displayed inaccurate data. You won’t run across this problem very often, though. Sleep tracking appears to be convenient and accurate.


The wireless connectivity for the UMIDIGI Uwatch 2s is Bluetooth 5.0. It also comes with two remote controls to add to the enjoyment.

You may control music playing with remote music control and shoot images with remote photography directly from your wrist.

Other Key Features

Battery Longevity 

To charge the UMIDIGI Uwatch 2s, 2 different pogo pin connections are used. And it takes approximately 2–3 hours to completely charge it.

This watch, according to the firm, uses innovative battery technology, as well as a high-efficiency microprocessor and a low-power consumption system. This extends the battery’s life and improves its performance.

The Uwatch 2s has a battery life of up to 15 days in the regular use mode and 40 days in the standby state.

How to Pair and Use

  • Turn Bluetooth on your Phone
  • Turn the Watch on
  • Make your Phone ‘visible’ in Bluetooth Settings
  • Find the Watch and Select ‘pair’. 

Finally, if you’re searching for a smartwatch for the first time or one that offers all of the essential features for less than $50, you should absolutely consider it.

Otherwise, if you want to give this watch as a present to someone on a special occasion, it’s an excellent choice. However, if you currently have a watch with similar functionality, I wouldn’t advocate upgrading to this one.

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