It is now possible to make purchases with a Garmin watch

You may now make purchases while you’re out and about with the assistance of Garmin’s Vivoactive 3 wearable.

Garmin has finally released its alternative payment system to compete with the likes of Fitbit Pay, Apple Pay, and Android Pay. The company first announced the new functionality some months ago. This particular Garmin device is the only one now available that is compatible with the service.

The information stored on a user’s credit card can be retrieved using the Vivoactive 3’s in-built NFC chip. FitPay is the company responsible for enabling this functionality, and it supports debit and credit cards issued by Visa and MasterCard from a variety of financial institutions. The list may not have very many items right now, but there is no question that it will expand over time.

The Garmin Connect smartphone app is used to perform all configuration tasks. You will add debit and credit cards here as well as build your wallet, which will allow you to protect your watch with a digital passcode and use it. You can add cards either manually or by scanning them in with the camera on your smartphone.

Launch the wallet app on your watch when you are ready to make a purchase, enter the security passcode, choose the appropriate credit card, and finally, bring your wrist up to the card reader. In a period of twenty-four hours, you will only be required to enter the passcode once, unless you remove your watch, in which case you will be required to do so once more.

The primary adversary that Garmin faces in the market for all-purpose smartwatches is an industry leader that we evaluated and found to have a number of appealing qualities. The watch delivers data that is generally reliable and offers a unified experience for tracking one’s fitness progress. And all of this functionality is bundled into a device that not only makes things more comfortable but also makes them look better. Something that mimics the appearance and weight of a traditional wristwatch.

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