Kinesix: decide where on your body you want the heat to be, and the jacket will take care of the rest

Although they were delayed to enter the market, smart garments are the next stage after wearables. After all, the ideal use of linked technology is when it is completely undetectable. The best part is that these are clothes that you would have worn anyhow, but they are more fashionable.

For all of those moments when you wished you could manage the temperature of your clothing, an innovative new Kickstarter project has just been launched. The Kinesix ThermoSmart Jacket is meant to seem exactly like an everyday jacket, but it conceals a heat management module that ensures you will never be cold again. This module guarantees that you will never have to worry about being uncomfortably cold again.

This is not the only intelligent jacket available, but it is one of the candidates for the title of most intelligent. The clothing, which was developed by Kinesix Sports in Montreal, contains a number of temperature sensors on the inside. They take readings of the temperature in the front, back, and sleeves of the jacket to ensure that all of its individual components are of an appropriate temperature.

In the “manual” mode, the user can select the desired temperature by using the mobile app or the heat management module, and the intelligent system will ensure that the jacket maintains the selected temperature regardless of what the user is doing. Battery life is up to 3 hours at full power (40°C/104°F), and you can recharge the jacket using a wall plug, car plug, or USB connector. The maximum temperature the jacket can reach is 104°F (this last option will take longer to charge).

When set to the “automatic” mode, the jacket will automatically adjust itself. If you are exercising, for instance, the jacket will produce less heat for you because your body already produces heat when you are exercising. However, as soon as you come to a halt, the heating system will begin operating. Because the system will not be active when you do not require it, the lifespan of the battery will be significantly increased by using this option.

The campaign still has 37 days left, and it is currently nearly a third of the way to reaching its intended goal. The cost of a ThermoSmart system is $348 Canadian Dollars, which is equivalent to about $280 US Dollars. Backers can anticipate receiving their jacket by the end of this year, just in time for the chilly winter months, provided that all goes according to plan.

Price: $348 Canadian Dollars and above

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