Kinsa Wireless Smart Thermometer User Opinions, Features and Reviews

Kinsa Wireless Smart Thermometer User Opinions, Features and Reviews

QuickCare is a new wireless, smart thermometer for adults and children that has been authorized by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Orally, under the arm, or rectally, a readout of the user’s temperature can be obtained in eight seconds with the touch of a button.

The technological frontier is being pushed forward by the same business that in 2013 gave us the world’s first smart thermometer to receive FDA clearance. The most recent model of Kinsa comes equipped with an illuminated screen that is simple to see and an internal memory that can save up to 50 readings. Additionally, it can connect to a smartphone app for either iOS or Android, allowing you to create individual profiles for each member of your household.

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The app not only monitors the patient’s temperature and medicines, but it also provides individualized instructions on what to do next. In the near future, the organization will even permit the delivery of medications and other items related to disease directly to your front door.

Because the connection is made over Bluetooth, there is no need for cords or plugging anything in. The QuickCare thermometer just requires one CR 2032 3V battery in order to function.

The Chief Executive Officer of Kinsa, Inder Singh, recently stated in an interview with MobiHealthNews that “partly, this is our answer to the fact that the headphone jack is gone.”

“The very first version of our stick had a cord and was connected to the headphone port. As a result, we decided to develop a device that is cordless and uses Bluetooth Low Energy.”

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