Learn every minute's worth of focus, distraction, stress, and exhaustion with the acronym FOCI

According to the statistics, on average, we allow ourselves to become distracted once every three minutes. This amounts to a loss of 31 calendar days every year. It is essential to focus one’s attention on the things that are significant. Your ability to think will get worse all around if you have trouble paying attention.

In this day and age of emails, cellphones, and social media, do you find it difficult to maintain your focus? A brand new wearable could be of assistance.

The idea behind it is not overly complicated. The FOCI device is a lightweight gizmo that clips to your waist from where it catches diaphragmatic breathing signals, which means that it detects very small movements in your breathing. Through scientific research, these have been found to have a strong connection to a person’s mental states. As soon as the wearable notices that you are starting to get distracted, it will start to buzz softly, reminding you to get back on track and refocus.

The accompanying app for smartphones presents your mental states as a stream of colored orbs as well. You can find a daily diary to assist you with visualizing your thoughts in this section of the website. FOCI is able to differentiate between six distinct states of mind, including distracted, fatigued, calm, focused, and flow states. On the timeline, you’ll be able to see exactly when you were in each of these states.

The specific information might then be put to use in an effort to locate areas for enhancement. To be of assistance, the application will indicate where you are making mistakes and offer real-time recommendations on how to improve your mental performance. In addition to this, it teaches skills that you can use to make concentration second nature.

This week, FOCI launched its campaign on Kickstarter in an effort to raise the required £10,000 to make it a reality. This turned out to be completely unnecessary, as the objective was accomplished in a mere five hours. October is the projected delivery month for rewards to backers.

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