LIVALL has introduced the next generation of their smart helmets for skiers and riders

LIVALL, a company located in China, has introduced its collection of smart helmets for the next generation. They were just revealed today at CES 2018 and are packed with bluetooth technology that enables users to make and receive calls as well as play audio while they are on the move.

The Helmetphone product line features a number of different models, such as the RS1 for skiers and the BH51 M for urban commuter riders. Both of them have an ergonomic shape, and they have a radio walkie-talkie function and a ‘Push to Talk’ button that enables hands-free calling when tethered to a smartphone. These features help groups keep connected with one another.

A few years ago, I was riding my bike when I had an accident that sent me to the hospital. This motivated me to design the first smart and safe helmet in the world in 2015,” said Brian Zheng, CEO and founder of LIVALL, who was also the company’s first employee.

It is time that we took safety into our own hands by employing the usage of technology because I am hearing more and more about skiers and bikers suffering awful injuries. With our brand-new line of Helmetphones, we’ve managed to combine the highest levels of fashion and functionality, making them even safer than before.

LIVALL’s first foray into the world of winter sports is represented by the RS1 model. In addition to the advantages described above, the high-tech ski helmet also comes equipped with an anti-fog lens and a tough ABS shell for increased defense.

The BH51 bike helmets feature indicative lighting that alerts surrounding traffic of the cyclist’s direction, sensory indicator lights that enhance visibility, and bluetooth speakers placed above the ears so that the rider can stay focused on their surroundings even while listening to music or audiobooks. There is also a function known as SOS that, in the event of an accident, notifies a predetermined emergency contact with the rider’s location.

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