Lumo and PUMA Have Formed a Partnership to Develop a Product Focused on Sports Performance

Lumo and PUMA Have Formed a Partnership to Develop a Product Focused on Sports Performance

Lumo Bodytech and PUMA have agreed to collaborate on the development of a brand-new artificial intelligence (AI) athletic performance device. PUMA is going to be in charge of building the mysterious equipment, but in the background, there will be an AI teaching platform developed by Lumo.

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Lumo Bodytech is a firm that specializes in motion science and was established in 2011. Current offerings from the company include the well-liked Lumo Lift and Lumo Run.

The Lumo Lift is a wearable device that is placed just below the clavicle and handles a statistic that is addressed by very few other activity trackers, namely your posture. The garment monitors the position of the wearer’s core, upper body, and other subtle aspects of their posture. Lumo Run is a small, light sensor that watches how you run and gives you personalized feedback and coaching to help you run more efficiently and safely.

The MotionScience Platform that Lumo has developed is what drives both of these devices. Engineers from Stanford University were responsible for the design of the platform, which makes use of sophisticated algorithms to monitor and enhance human movement. The company only just made an announcement that the platform is now available to the general public, and the company’s partnership with PUMA is a continuation of that. 

According to Monisha Perkash, CEO and co-founder of Lumo Bodytech, “Lumo and Puma have a shared understanding of producing unique, state of the art AI technology, and we’re happy to deliver this option to consumers all over the world.”

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“We are also excited to announce that we are expanding our Lumo MotionScience Platform to create next-generation features for PUMA’s industry-leading athletic performance goods.”

Wearables manufacturers will need to give a far more comprehensive assessment of our vital signs information in order to compete in a market that is continually growing and that will soon require them to do more than simply present health statistics. The fact that Lumo and PUMA are working together is a clear and important step toward the creation of a wide range of connected health and fitness products.

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