MAZU is a Simple Solution that Allows You to Keep Track of Your Aquatic Excursions

MAZU is a Simple Solution that Allows You to Keep Track of Your Aquatic Excursions

With MAZU, it will be much easier to link your different water adventures together.

The gadget continuously keeps track of your dives by utilizing its built-in detectors and Bluetooth connectivity. There is not a single button that can be pressed. Simply attach MAZU to your gear, and as soon as you step into the water, it will start recording your dive data without any intervention from you.

Using sensors for depth, temperature, and motion, MAZU provides information on a variety of topics, including dive time, maximum depth, mean depth, ascending rate, descent rate, temperature, number of calories burned, and dive profile. After you take it out of the water, it will immediately synchronize with the mobile application that came with it, so you won’t have to bother about connecting any connections. The wireless connection is controlled by tap management and LED feedback shows when the connection has been made.

The more you use MAZU, the further it will learn about the way you like to dive and adjust its recommendations accordingly. It will then utilize this information to suggest new activities or even new friends based on your individual preferences and those of others.

The little device is powered by a regular coin cell battery, which, when fully charged, is capable of providing approximately 100 hours of data logging. This translates to somewhere about one hundred twenty dives. MAZU is able to endure pressure down to 100 meters thanks to its design that has two axial o-ring seals. This depth should be sufficient for even the most experienced divers. 

The minuscule wearable device may also be of appeal to you if you really are seeking a hassle-free way to keep track of your activities when swimming or diving. There are still 25 days left in the crowdfunding campaign, and it has currently raised approximately one-third of the $35,000 it hopes to raise.

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