Moxie says to make sure you keep in touch with your four-legged pal

The time has come, if you’ve been looking for a smartphone designed specifically for your canine companion, to call it quits. When you work with Moxie, your animal friend is as close as a phone call away.

The gadget has a diameter of only 2.5 inches and is designed to be attached to the collar of a pet. It features an image stabilized camera that is built right into the device and is able to live broadcast to your phone exactly what your pet is seeing. If you spend those long hours in the workplace thinking about life from the point of view of your dog, it may help pass the time more quickly. With the companion app for smartphones, you can organize and upload movies right from your phone and share them with family and friends.

A 1220 mAh battery, a communicative LED set, an HD camera with 30 frames per second, and a two-way microphone can be found on the inside. The built-in speaker makes it possible to have a conversation in both directions. Not only are you able to call Fido, but the proprietary Call to Bark Technology that Moxie has developed enables your dog to call your cellphone based on the parameters that you choose (time, length, frequency). The owner is able to observe what his dog is doing in real time as soon as he receives the call from the monitor.

Two animal-and technology-obsessed individuals located in Irvine came up with the idea for Moxie. We are thrilled to introduce you to our ground-breaking smartphone designed specifically for canines. According to Dr. Tony Beizaee, who co-founded Moxie with Evan Jafa, Moxie was the first of its type and was developed to ensure peace of mind for all dog owners when they are unable to be physically present for their pet. Moxie was invented by Evan Jafa.

The most important thing about our equipment is that you will be able to make many live video calls to your four-legged friend at different times of the day. This will make you feel like you are always close to them.

A smartphone for dogs? Is it absolutely necessary to do this? It has received 172 votes of confidence so far. If you wish to get involved with the project and join them, it will cost you $150 to do so. August is the anticipated month of delivery.

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