MyLite is a Solution for Personal Safety and a Wearable LED Nightlight

Nightlights have not undergone a significant amount of development throughout the years. They are utilized by millions of parents in the process of putting their young children to sleep. However, these adorable lights might be making it more difficult to go to sleep and more likely that you will wake up throughout the night. If you leave them on overnight, there is a possibility that they will cause more harm than benefit.

MyLite is an LED wrist light that may be worn on your wrist. According to the product’s creator, Phil Barker, his granddaughter had problems sleeping with traditional nightlights, and that’s what motivated him to develop a wearable remedy to the problem.

It’s not a complicated idea at all. Simply wrap the thin band around your wrist, just like you would with any other type of fitness tracker. MyLite can be used nonstop for three to four weeks on a single charge. It has a simple one-button activation system, a timer that turns it off automatically, and two levels of brightness.

The wearable can actually be useful in a variety of other nighttime circumstances in addition to its function as a nightlight for younger children. Changing baby diapers, checking on your kids, feeding a baby, getting up in the morning without disturbing your partner for visits to the restroom, changing clothes in the dark, and other tasks are included in this category. The list might go on forever. MyLite provides you with the ideal amount of light for getting around and getting things done without bothering other people.

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