Naked introduces the first-ever 3D body scanner that can be used in the comfort of one's own home.

Today, Naked Labs made the announcement that their flagship product, Naked, is officially shipping to customers who pre-ordered it. In the fourth quarter of 2018, the gadget will be made available to everyone.

The Naked 3D Fitness Tracker is not just another health tracker or smart scale; it has quite a few more features and capabilities. It is a smart mirror that can scan your entire body in three dimensions and comes with a turntable that doubles as a scale. It promises to take at-home exercise to an entirely new level. A companion mobile app is now available, which, as you might think, enables users to monitor the ways in which their tissues change over time.

According to Farhad Farahbakhshian, co-founder and CEO of the Silicon Valley-based business, “We have been looking forward to this day for a long time.”

People are looking for evidence-based approaches to measure their health and fitness that does not only focus on weight these days. We are thrilled to bring Naked into people’s homes so that we can provide them with a clearer picture of exactly what is happening in their bodies and assist them in working toward their objectives.

There are a lot of people who have trouble losing weight and improving their fitness overall. These days, fad diets are the standard, and those who lose a significant amount of weight just to regain it all and then some are all too prevalent.

A significant number of people on diets rely on scales to monitor their development. The issue is that scales do not provide a complete picture of the situation. The weight of muscle is greater than that of fat. If you begin an exercise routine, you might actually improve your health even if you don’t notice any weight loss. When a person puts in a lot of effort to exercise but does not see any effects as a result of their efforts, it can be demotivating.

In the past, getting an accurate measurement of one’s body mass index required purchasing a lot of expensive equipment. You were required to make a consultation appointment with either a medical practitioner or a fitness instructor. It goes without saying that you can always rely on the pinch test to provide you with an approximative evaluation. However, we are currently living in the 21st century. This is the information age when everything is done on computers. Naked is the era we live in now!


How does it work? 

At an acute angle, the mirror is propped against the wall in this position. It has a stop on the back side that keeps it at the correct angle and ensures that it is always in the correct position. The mirror has an integrated laser pointer that points to the exact location on the floor where the wireless scale/turntable should be placed so that it can be used. When the turntable is ready, the participant jumps on for a brief ride that lasts for 15 seconds.

While your body is being slowly rotated on the turntable of the Naked, similar to a dummy in a department store, the sensors are snapping several photographs each second. The computer that is housed within is stitching together all of the photographs in a manner that is comparable to the panorama mode on your mobile device. When it’s done, the tracker will have created a 3D model of your body, which the Naked app will then allow you to examine and appreciate.

The mechanism that is hidden behind the mirror 

You have nothing to worry about in terms of images of yourself in a revealing state appearing online. This device does not possess any kind of visual camera. Instead, it utilises three depth sensors that are part of the Intel RealSense 3D 410 Series to model your body. They make use of infrared imaging, which is only capable of producing a black-and-white profile and not a photograph in full colour.

This gizmo is equipped with 4 gigabytes of DDR4 RAM, a 64GB M.2 SSD, and an Intel x86 processor so that it can perform all of the picture processing that is required of it.

It has the ability to connect by Bluetooth and WiFi, and it will also instantly sync with any iOS or Android device on which the Naked app has been installed.

What benefit does any of this bring you? 

When you launch the Naked app, you will be presented with a full, rotating 3D model of your body that you may interact with. You are able to keep tabs on your body fat percentage, as well as your lean mass and fat mass, as well as your circumferences, as well as graphs of previous data.

Your direct measurement in a number of different important parts of the body is computed by The Naked. You may view sections of your body in which you are cutting down and places in which you are bulking up by using the heatmap tool, which will show you a 3D representation of your body that is accurate to within 1/10th of an inch.

In addition, The Naked will supply you with time-lapse photographs so that you may track your improvement. You can see the changes that take place in your body as they happen in real-time. You can still observe progress on the screen of your smartphone, even if the scale itself isn’t showing any signs of movement.

Okay, that’s very great, but may I ask how much it will set you back? 

It is fairly safe to state that this is an awesome item that has the potential to be of great assistance to a great many different people. The fact that this device costs $1,395 places it squarely in the luxury category for the vast majority of consumers, which is the primary issue.

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