Huawei Honor Band A2 User Opinions And Reviews

Huawei Honor Band A2 User Opinions And Reviews

The Honor Band A2 is the newest fitness tracker that Huawei has introduced to the public. This device, which is an upgrade to the $15 Band A1 from the previous year and features a heart rate sensor and an OLED screen, is significantly more useful than it was in the past.

Honor, a spin-off company of Huawei, is the original manufacturer of the wearable device. The photographs demonstrate that the A2 has a styling that is somewhat reminiscent of a sports car. The strap can be purchased in a variety of colors and designs, including black, green, white, and red. The business has decided to make the fitness device water-resistant to an IP67 standard, which means that it is just splash proof. In addition to that, it can withstand shock from drops of up to 1.5 meters.

The new OLED display has a diagonal measurement of 0.96 inches and offers data on both physical activity and sleep. As was just described, the optical heart rate sensor is the most important new component. Because the device has a battery life of only 9 days when it is being used normally and 18 days when it is in standby mode, we think that the heart rate tracking is not continuous unless you are engaging in physical activity.

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The fitness device will remind you to get up and move around if you’ve been sitting for too long and includes a mode that is specifically designed to record bike rides. When you link your device to an Android or iOS smartphone over Bluetooth, you will be able to receive support for notifications such as incoming calls, missed calls, and text messages.

The Huawei Honor Band A2 will be available for purchase in China beginning on June 9 for a price of 199 yuan, which is equivalent to about $29 in American currency. There has been no announcement regarding availability in other countries.

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