OmiSonic is a pocket-sized wireless ultrasonic washing machine

OmiSonic is a pocket-sized ultrasonic washing machine that comes with portable paper soap. The gadget, which you can control with your smartphone, kills 99.9% of bacteria.

To use, simply place the pod-like gadget in a sink, bowl, or bucket of water with the things to be cleaned. This might be anything weighing up to 2 kilogrammes, including clothing, jewelry, and even food. The smartphone app that comes with it has particular settings for each item type and will tell you how much paper soap to use. Push the button and wait for your phone to notify you when everything is spotless.

OmiSonic uses a powerful sonic motor to clean on a tiny level. It works by emitting vibrations that agitate stains, debris, and bacteria by forming hundreds of strong, microscopic bubbles. This method is sometimes utilized on a bigger scale in chemistry laboratories.

The device appears to be ideal for campers, hikers, business travelers, and others who are frequently away from home. There is no need for an electrical outlet because a single charge will last up to 4 washes. It also consumes 15 times less water and 40 times less electricity than a traditional washer. Simply add enough water to completely saturate whatever you’re washing and leave the rest to OmiSonic.

Support this project to obtain the world’s first ultrasonic, pocket-sized washer if you truly want to clean up your act. With only a few weeks left, the Kickstarter campaign has already raised ten times its intended goal.

Prices start at $128 and go up from there.

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