On its own website, Garmin publishes a picture of the Forerunner 245


The most recent Forerunner 245 leak comes from Garmin. A holding page for the gadget has been created to link to the support pages of the maker of GPS devices and sports watches.

Garmin has also shared a few images of the next gadget. We can validate their legitimacy by revealing that these are precisely the same pictures that we showed a few weeks ago.

If you remove the bezel, the watch resembles a Forerunner 645. Both devices should have the same dimensions and battery life. The start/stop button now has a lovely coloured line surrounding it. There are five buttons total.

Visit the page on the Garmin website by clicking on this link. It shows a Forerunner 245 Music, GPS, and Wi-Fi model in Black/Lava Red. The business has not yet added videos, software, or instructions. However, it’s important to keep an eye on the page. In our earlier story, we included further pictures of the gadget.

The forthcoming GPS runner watch is now officially revealed thanks to this most recent leak. Most likely, it will debut within the next two weeks.

According to our investigation, Garmin has not yet developed a help area for the Forerunner 945. This is the other timepiece that is slated to launch soon and was also discovered on the business website.


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