On October 31st, Huawei will Launch a New Honor Watch

On October 31st, Huawei will Launch a New Honor Watch

A new Honor Watch will be released on October 31st, according to Huawei. The Honor Magic 2 phone will also be unveiled at the same event.

The business has published a flier on its official Weibo account in the lead-up to the big event. Two actual buttons can be seen on the right of a circular Smartwatch.

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The S1, the final smartwatch from the spin-off company, is due for an update because it was introduced nearly two years ago. Despite having no physical buttons, it has the same spherical shape. While the S1 was made available in China, Huawei took the same product and made it available abroad as the Huawei Fit.

The watch-like tracker features an always-on monochrome touchscreen, much like the Pebble original and Pebble 2. The aesthetic is simple and elegant. The water-resistant watch covers all the essentials for tracking fitness, but it lacks an integrated GPS.

Actually, there isn’t much that sets Huawei Fit apart from the competition. The only factors at play here are aesthetics and price compared to some of the alternatives.

However, a new and enhanced version is about to arrive. The Eurasian Economic Commission (EEC) in Europe certified the impending device in early September, but little else is known about it.

On October 31st, Huawei will launch the new Honor Watch.The Huawei Watch GT is closely followed by the watch. It has a new operating system and a two-week battery life and was just recently released. It will be fascinating to see if Huawei’s new proprietary software, LightOS, will also be inherited by the Honor Watch.

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Unfortunately, we haven’t had any reliable information on the future device’s real specifications. However, it appears that we may expect the same rounded shape, better battery life, a new processor, and perhaps an integrated GPS. There is also a chance that it will support NFC for contactless payments. The watch is probably going to fall into the same inexpensive smartwatch category as its predecessor.

However, all of this is just conjecture. We’ll all have to wait until October 31st to learn the information unless we get some solid leaks.

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