One UI, battery efficiency, and more are added to older Samsung smartwatches

Samsung watches are now receiving a fresh firmware update. It introduces the One UI interface to the Galaxy Watch, Gear S3 and Gear Sport, as well as battery optimization and other improvements.

One UI

Last November, Samsung began converting all of its software to the One UI style. According to the corporation, the new interface is more user-friendly and enables users to complete tasks with fewer finger movements. It’s a little bit easier on the eyes as well. Until recently, the interface was exclusively accessible on the Galaxy Watch Active.

New watch faces will be added to the Galaxy Watch and Gear watches as part of the revamp. The ability to enable or disable Touch wake-up, change the frequency and timing of daily briefing updates, and have better control over Goodnight mode are further new settings that may be accessed.

Samsung updated its Galaxy Wearable app with One UI.

For increased performance, the update also includes improved battery optimization. The watch should last longer thanks to new features including automated background app closure, brightness adjustment, and screen timeout.

Battery life has previously been a source of criticism from Samsung watch owners. Hopefully, this update will take care of any outstanding problems.

The majority of the additional adjustments concern fitness and wellness. The Samsung Health app now has a Daily Activities screen as soon as you launch it, and data is now continually synchronized from the watch to the smartphone app. Workout tracking has also been simplified. The Galaxy Watch already has the ability to track outdoor swimming, and Gear devices will soon have the same capability.

The Galaxy Watch is the only device capable of better heart rate monitoring and more thorough sleep tracking. Users will now receive alerts if their heart rate surpasses a predetermined level, just like the Apple Watch and select Garmin smartwatches.


According to Samsung, the update’s accessibility will differ by region. The US and Canada have already begun the deployment, but other countries should shortly follow. For the Galaxy Watch, it raises the software version to R800XXU1CSE1, while for the Gear S3 and Gear Sport, it raises it to R760XXU2ESE3 and R600XXU1CSE2.

When the update is out, the gadget on your wrist will let you know. The manual check is the other option. Choose Settings, About watch/Update Watch Software, and then click Update Now.


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