Opinion Article on Pollution

Opinion Article on Pollution

“Could we live without seas or rivers? Does life on the planet have an expiration date?

I am aware that most of the people who are reading this article right now do not have the perception that they are not taking care of the environment or believe that nature is something that is there to serve us, so that everything that cannot be eaten, beberberse, or enjoyed is useless.

But this idea is wrong and the result of a feeling that we usually have, which is that we consider ourselves the masters, owners and lords of the world, but what happens if we break our world by turning it into an object, a tool, a slave? We are wrong and right. I’ll explain why.

There are several reasons why we should all help planet Earth to survive and we see this clearly, for example, in the pollution of the air we breathe; Said air contaminated by car smoke is breathed by us, the animals, the plants, the microorganisms that also exist (although we do not see them). And this, although we do not realize it, is not good for our body or for our atmosphere. This is where something as harmful and worrying as the greenhouse effect comes from, which places us in the world as if we were tomatoes imprisoned in a greenhouse in Mazarrón at the expense of roasting us and ripening faster due to a heat that makes the air unbreathable.

Another problem that I would like to talk about is the pollution of seas and rivers. Not all of us are aware that many of the marine animals that we can consume die, thus lowering the percentage of fish that is obtained per year and, in addition, species of organisms die continuously due to pollution, which makes our seas and rivers can become a huge poisoned cemetery full of plastic. Could we live without seas or rivers? Does life on the planet have an expiration date?

We have become “great predators”: we damage the environment, we damage planet Earth (which is our home); therefore we are harming ourselves, and innocent beings that the only thing they aspire to is to live.

Every day, and in this same newspaper, we can read a lot of news about forests being set on fire with the intention of causing harm, for fun, or even to get more land to sell. That in my opinion is outrageous, the number of animals and plants that die is an injustice and savagery, but that is not the worst, rather all the smoke from the fire, like that from factories, cars or motorcycles contaminates our atmosphere, which one day will stop protecting us and supplying us with oxygen, therefore we are putting an expiration date on life.

Precisely for this reason, I encourage you and beg you to take care of the environment and nature, to take care of ourselves, so that my great-grandchildren and my great-grandchildren’s great-grandchildren can breathe fresh air.

I know what I’m talking about because I am one of those few, who still remain, who have had and still have contact with nature since I was born.

Nature for me is something fascinating, it is my refuge from bad influences, it is my true home, it is what I have grown up with, with the trees, the fresh morning air, the animals -which on many occasions have been My great friends and from whom I have learned a lot.

I encourage you to take care of all this, recycling, with recycling containers: green (for glass), yellow (for plastics), red (for paper and cardboard) and gray (for cans and aluminum); since this is one of the easiest ways to combat global warming and we avoid generating more pollution. Did you know that four recycled glass bottles save the electricity needed to keep a refrigerator running for twenty-four hours?

Recycling helps to reduce air and water pollution, allows us to generate less waste, which is why we contribute to extending the life of the planet.

Each ton of recycled paper represents an energy saving of four thousand one hundred kilowatt hours.

I encourage you to help the planet to survive, and to help ourselves, as the great human family, as part of a great house, where we all share something exceptional and mysterious called LIFE.

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