Online or virtual education means the development of programs whose purpose is teaching and learning through the Internet. This way of learning uses information and communication technologies to allow students and teachers to interact with each other, thus it is not necessary to share the same space or use physical materials to acquire new knowledge.

Over time technology has evolved, thanks to it we can communicate and interact with other people regardless of the distance, they are a fundamental tool in the life of the human being, and now due to the pandemic situation, we had to adapt to do everything from our home, that is why we use the modality of virtual classes, these are a means of communication and distribution of knowledge that, in addition, offers a space to attend, guide and evaluate the participants.

This is between the teacher and the students, these classes are transmitted to us either by Google Meet or by Zoom, through which they explain the topics and what the assigned jobs on the platform will consist of. The purposes of these classes are to facilitate interaction and communication between the teacher and his students, so that we can move forward and thus conclude this course, that is why they are important and we must try to be present. In this way they notice our participation and we understand the issues better.

Characteristics of Virtual Classes

Some of its characteristics are that they have a defined organization of space and time in which we have to connect to classes, the broader and more intensive use of ICTs, and we have better planning and organization of more guided learning in its aspects. global, in this way we investigate and learn more about each of the topics and also how to use each of the functions that the platforms, pages, applications, word processors, among others, have, we develop the ability to use them better.

The advantages of having virtual classes are that we can take the classes at any time and place, we can review them again, we can even record them, they have a defined structure, we have schedule flexibility, since we can agree with the teachers and establish schedules, we also develop digital skills.

The disadvantages are that not everyone has access to the Internet or electronic devices, be it a computer, cell phone, tablet, among others; that require self-discipline and perseverance, we have to work hard, since it is up to us to investigate on our own and "teach ourselves", so we must try as hard as we can and organize ourselves to be able to finish our work on time and deliver it.

Another disadvantage is that not everyone knows how to use the pages completely well, platforms or applications that we require to carry out our tasks, however, it is a matter of finding a way, we can ask for help or watch videos that explain how to use each of the functions and sections of these. Virtual classes are important today, so we must make an effort and do our part, be constant and in this way we can persevere, and thus we will conclude one more course.

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