PAI is a heart-rate-based indicator of daily activity, and the Amazfit GTS and GTR both have it

PAI is a heart-rate derived indicator of daily activity, and the Amazfit GTS and GTR both have it.

PAI was implemented in the most recent software version for the Amazfit GTS and GTR. This is a metric that replaces the step count with an indication of daily activity that is calculated from the user’s heart rate.

PAI Health and the Chinese technology behemoth Huami formed a collaboration in the month of July of the previous year. Originally known as Mio Global, the company now situated in Vancouver has since changed its identity.

Mio is familiar to everyone who has maintained a sustained interest in the subject matter. It was one of the companies that helped pioneer the wearables market. Its fitness trackers set themselves out from the competitors by providing wrist heart rate measures that were extremely accurate.

In the end, the business came to the conclusion that it would place its primary emphasis on the process of exporting its Personal Activity Intelligence (PAI) index software. This uses a different method to measure the amount of physical activity, one that is based on heart rate rather than the number of steps taken.

As a result of the relationship between Huami and Amazfit, the PAI capability has been added to the Amazfit GTS and GTR. The availability of this feature was delayed from the time it was announced prior to the introduction of the product. The watches now have the capability to calculate PAI, thanks to an update to the watch’s firmware.

You will need to enable constant pulse rate tracking through the mobile app on your smartphone in order to gain access to the functionality. If you’ve previously taken care of this, there’s no need to worry. If you haven’t done so already, the app homepage will ask you to do so.

PAI is effective because it employs a novel method for evaluating the level of physical activity that is based on your pulse rate. Therefore, rather than concentrating on the “10,000 steps” criterion, you are supposed to keep the PAI Index over 100 at all times. All of this is supported by scientific evidence as well. Throughout point of fact, it is supported by one of the most extensive health studies that have ever been carried out in the course of human history.


As was previously stated, you are able to check your PAI score using the companion app on your smartphone as well as the watch itself. The application presents a daily total score, in addition to two charts. The first is a trend that is calculated every week, and the second categorises your PAI score for the day as either Low, Moderate, or Intensive.

The Amazfit GTS and the Amazfit GTR sound like they will benefit greatly from the inclusion of this new model. Still, these fitness devices are fairly reliable, although they are still experiencing growing pains in areas such as GPS connectivity and accuracy. Despite this, they are both pretty excellent purchases. We can only hope that issues can be fixed in due course by installing future firmware updates.

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