Perishable Products: How To Preserve Them Successfully

In this article we are going to talk to you about perishable products and how we can conserve them more efficiently. But what do we mean when we differentiate between perishable and non-perishable? The adjective perishable gives us a clue and it is that it is indicating to us that which lasts for a short time and therefore must perish, that is, to cease to be or to exist.

What is a perishable product?

An example of perishable products that we all know are flowers, fruits and vegetables, raw meat and sausages, milk and ice cream, among others. Unlike non-perishable ones, they have a rapid decomposition due to external agents such as temperature or humidity, therefore, it is important to learn how to preserve them correctly with the tips and tricks that we leave you below.

Homemade tricks to preserve perishable products

Avocados: Avocados are the fruit of the moment! Surely you have already noticed that once opened they oxidize easily in a few hours so a trick to make them last longer is to put a few drops of lemon in each half and cover with a kitchen film next, the results will surprise you !

Bananas: Another perishable product that we love! One trick to prevent them from darkening and spoiling is to cut the bunch of 5 or 6 bananas into two parts and wrap the joint or root with aluminum foil or kitchen wrap.

Strawberries: You feel like eating some fruit, you remember that you bought strawberries a few days ago, maybe a week, but surprise! they have mold. One tip to say goodbye is to let the strawberry tray rest for 5 minutes in a container with vinegar in the fridge. Then wash them with water and enjoy!

Onions: Simply hang them inside a nylon stocking, you will notice the improvement immediately.

Potatoes: Never put them together with the previous ones (onions) or some will make them rot before the others! If you want to keep them for longer, keep them next to some apples, it works!

Meats: One of the most delicate perishable products if not properly preserved. Your best ally? The wax paper or parchment paper.

Sliced bread: Not everything is going to be fruit and vegetables! This is another of our favorite perishable foods that we always have at home. To avoid the appearance of mold, put a branch of celery inside the bag and you will ensure that it stays hydrated and fluffy for a longer period of time.

Cheeses: To preserve cut cheeses, cover them with oil or butter and they will last a little longer.

Sponge Cake: Irresistibly Addictive! As long as it is homemade, you can keep it in a metal box next to a whole apple, surely you will be able to enjoy this delight for a few more days!

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