Photos and a video encompassing 360 degrees are available on the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic

When it comes to the forthcoming Samsung Galaxy Watch, there has been no lack of information that has leaked online. Having said that, this does come with a small amount of uncertainty. Will there be both the Galaxy Watch 4 and the Galaxy Watch 4 Active, or will there simply be the Galaxy Watch 4?

The most recent leaks assist in shedding some light on the situation. It is now abundantly clear that there will be a variety of models to choose from.

The Galaxy Watch 4 will once again be available in the classic model.

To begin with, the classic flavour option will once again be available sometime throughout this year. Ever since the Gear S3 Classic was introduced almost five years ago, Samsung has refrained from using this brand name on any of its products. It has been reported by Android Headlines that there would be two primary variations available to us. The traditional and the present.

It would seem that the images that were stolen and released previously were renderings of the Active model. The presence of a rotating bezel on the Classic model, which does not appear on the other one, is a key distinction between the two. Therefore, it seems that the bezel will remain in use. Both the Classic and the Active feature two big buttons located on the right-hand side of the watch. This is the only similarity between the two styles.

Finding clothing that is a good match shouldn’t be too difficult. The Classic will be available in three different case sizes: 42 millimetres, 44 millimetres, and 46 millimetres. There is something there for everyone to enjoy. The manufacturer typically only provides two different case sizes to choose from.

In addition to this, the construction of each of these will be offered in either aluminium or stainless steel. White, black, and grey are the three options for colour that will be available to you to choose from. The white in particular has drawn our attention to the item.

The 20mm bands will also be available for more personalization options. You will have the flexibility to pick and choose amongst them since swapping out bands will seem completely natural to you. Both a small/medium and a medium/large band are included in the package that the watch arrives in.

The screen protection is an additional feature that has been disclosed in its specifications. The display of the device made out of stainless steel will be protected by Gorilla Glass DX, and it will be super AMOLED. The DX+ protection offered by the aluminium variant will be superior to that offered by its predecessor. Because aluminium is a softer material, it made more sense to fit the DX+ on aluminium rather than another material because of this decision. This may seem like an unusual option.

All of the variations will have a water resistance rating of 5 ATM, which is equivalent to a depth of 50 meters. They will also be constructed according to the MIL-STD-810G standard, which ensures that they are very durable.

A 360-degree video provides an even more in-depth look at the forthcoming watch than can be seen here. Evan Blass, who is known as a “leakster,” is the one who published this information. It’s nearly as amazing as being able to see it for yourself!

All of the aforementioned information is supported by the 360-degree movie. The display, which is of very high quality, the bezel that surrounds the sides, and the two physical buttons

It is anticipated that the Watch 4 Classic will come in at least three different colour variants. The colours black, silver, and white are included here. The watch cover is going to be available in two different colour options.

When and how much will the Galaxy Watch 4 cost?

Some people had high hopes that the gadget would be unveiled at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. However, the company has decided to instead utilize this occasion to provide us with our first glimpse at the operating system that it is developing in collaboration with Google. This will come with Samsung’s very own One UI, which is going to be layered on Google Wear OS. In this manner, the user interface will conform to the design that is currently present on the company’s mobile devices, such as smartphones.

Only the most recent iteration of the Galaxy Watch will be compatible with the operating system. Tizen, which Samsung will continue to support for an additional three years after it has been made available to existing owners, will have to suffice.

The company did reveal during MWC that we would be able to view the new watch at the Unpacked event later on in the summer. This news comes in reference to the hardware. Despite the lack of an official confirmation, it is anticipated that this will take place on the 11th of August, or perhaps earlier.

It is interesting to note that the date of the 28th is shown on all of the photographs of the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic. Maybe we should hang all of our hopes on that particular day instead. Since there is no month, our best guess is that they are talking about the month of August.

There are rumours going around that the next product will have an extremely high price tag. MySmartPrice estimates that the price range for the 40mm model of the Galaxy Watch 4 will be between €350 and €370. The price for the 44 mm model will range between 380 and 400 euros.

The price of the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic will go up even more. The price range for the 42mm is 470–500 euros, while the price range for the 46mm is 500–530 euros. It is not yet known how much the 44mm Classic will cost, but its price should fall somewhere between that of the 42mm and the 46mm.

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