Pre-orders for Tempo's all-in-one Home Fitness Studio, Which Costs $1995, are Now Being Accepted

Pre-orders for a home-workout system priced at $1995 have been made available by Tempo. The device watches how you move, so it can give you a 42-inch big screen workout experience that is immersive and tailored to you.

In a recent announcement, the firm stated that in order to bring the product into the market, it has successfully raised $17.5 million through Series A fundraising. Today marks the beginning of the pre-order period. Regrettably, the cost of the system is not quite inexpensive. Along with a content subscription that costs $39 each month, you will need to pay a deposit of $250. Before the merchandise can be shipped out later this summer, the remaining $1,750 balance must be paid in full.

The 3D vision camera in Tempo Studio is equipped with motion sensors, allowing it to scan the person in front of it thirty times per second. A massive display measuring 42 inches is integrated into the cabinet and can be used to showcase your progress. The device looks at 25 of your body’s most important joints and tells you if you’re doing the exercises right or wrong.

The screen also indicates a person’s exercise information, such as the number of repetitions they have completed, their heart rate, and the number of calories they have burned. There are also personalized recommendations, like suggested reps and weights that change based on how far a user has come.

The cost covers a variety of exercise equipment, including a set of dumbbells, barbells, and free weights, as well as a heart rate monitor, workout mat, and foam roller. The cabinet provides a convenient location for stowing away anything.

According to Moawia Eldeeb, CEO and co-founder of Tempo, every single device currently available on the market “ripped a piece of machinery out of a gymnasium and stuck a screen on it.”

“You need to really be able to see a user in order to provide them direction so that they may exercise in a safe manner.” We wanted to make a full fitness experience from the ground up, with instruction and form evaluation at the core.

With the purchase of a monthly subscription, you will have access to reside in on-demand properties and take high-intensity interval education courses, allowing you to have a more immersive experience at the gym. This gives the impression that you are working out with other people, and you will even receive feedback on the display on how the performance of other people compares to your own. When you take classes through on-demand streaming, live teachers can look at your work and give you feedback.

There are other companies besides Tempo that have the goal of bringing exercise equipment into your home. The Amazfit Home Studio is Huami’s take on the concept of smart homes. It was introduced at CES 2020 and includes a linked fitness treadmill that is paired with a massive 43-inch Premium 1080P HD Screen that is referred to as the GLASS, as well as a 3D camera. Additionally, the GLASS can be used on its own to participate in activities such as stretching or yoga courses.

There is currently no information available on the official launch date or pricing of the Amazfit Home Studio. In an effort to compete with the company, Huami guarantees that the price point will be lower than Pelotons.

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