Project Yourself to Protect Yourself using the Laserlight Core

Project Yourself to Protect Yourself using the Laserlight Core

When cycling, especially in an urban location, you can never be too safe. About 2% of all traffic-related deaths in the US are caused by bicycle accidents, and most of these are the fault of drivers.

Even though the number may not seem like much, keep in mind that bicycles are 15 times more likely than drivers to be killed in a car accident. Additionally, even when the rider is taken to a hospital, many injuries go unreported to the authorities.

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A new Kickstarter initiative aims to help bring these numbers down. A small lamp called the Laserlight Core is attached to the handlebars and projects a bike’s logo six meters in front of the rider.

The device combines white light and laser projection technology to do this. This allows it to project the image into blind spots, intersections, and other places where you would otherwise go unnoticed. According to independent studies, the light increases your visibility to oncoming traffic and pedestrians by up to 32%.

Actually, Beryl, who is based in Britain, is using Kickstarter again this time. In 2012, Blaze, the first iteration of Laserlight, was released. Since it is quite popular in London, many of us who reside here have seen it on the road. The cycling technology business has since returned with a completely redesigned device.

The light is now 400 lumens brighter than it was earlier. In fact, it allows you to see during the day. Additionally, you may be secure knowing that Laserlight Core has an IP54 designation for water resistance. This implies that you can use it during the winter and on rainy days.

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Battery life can range from 1.5 hours to 41 hours depending on your laser and lumen settings (which range from 150 to 400 lumens). A regular USB cable is used for charging.

The Laserlight Core weighs only 100g when complete with its bracket. Its dimensions are 10.6 cm long, 3.3 cm wide, and 3.9 cm tall. The light can be attached with ordinary tools.

The Kickstarter effort has already exceeded its $50,000 objective, indicating that cyclists are worried about their safety. There is still plenty of time to contribute with 28 days left. December is the planned delivery date to backers.

Cost: $75 and up

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