QSun: Relax and Take in the Sun

QSun: Relax and Take in the Sun

The risks of prolonged sun exposure must be understood. Sunburns, cataracts, early skin aging, and immune system problems can all be brought on by exposure to UV rays. The risk of acquiring skin cancer, specifically melanoma, in later life doubles with just one severe sunburn as a child or five sunburns over one’s lifetime.

A recent Kickstarter-funded project called QSun bills itself as the first wearable sun tracker with AI power. The little device monitors your sun exposure to assist you in avoiding skin damage and preserving healthy vitamin D levels. Additionally, it alerts you by LED and buzzer warnings when you are going to burn, so you will know when it’s time to reapply sun protection or move to a shaded area.

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To provide you with personalized suggestions, the algorithm takes into account your skin type, the environment, and your sun protection practices in addition to your current sun exposure. Additional safety features are available on the companion QSun smartphone app.

According to the developer, Neda Ghazi, “there are other items for sun safety on the market like sunscreen patches and wristbands, or other smart wearables that combine UV sensors.”

Because we truly take a thorough and individualized approach to sun safety based on the specific user, QSun stands out.

The tiny wearable is just a few hundred dollars away from reaching its target a few days into the campaign. Prior to this summer, shipping is anticipated.

AD Cost: $CA 79 and above

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