Best Cheap Silent Generator for Home, Office, Hotel Use and More

Best Cheap Silent Generator for Home, Office, Hotel Use and More

Quietest generators are the ultimate solution to homeowners who are looking for a generator that is both energy efficient and quiet. Although the market has many different models of small generators, the quietest generators are still not too loud. The noise level from these products can make some people uncomfortable. In fact, in some cases, they could even be a distraction to someone having a hard time sleeping. Fortunately, this is a manufactured issue that can easily be remedied by simply upgrading the product.

quietest generators are produced in four main types. These include; gasoline-powered, oil-powered, miniature diesel and liquid propane. The type of engine used in the motor is also the deciding factor in how quiet the unit is. There are four different main models which range from small to medium-sized. The size you choose will depend on the amount of space you have available and the intended use.

The smallest model is the gasoline-powered

As its name indicates, this is the most common type of quietest generators. They are very popular with those homes that do not have access to electricity or natural gas. Since they require little maintenance, it is easy to keep up with their routine of regular upkeep. However, as with all machines, they are subject to breakdowns and may need to be serviced occasionally.

The next largest model is the oil-powered

This is the middle size and can be used in conjunction with electricity or natural gas. Because of its portability, this model is popular among those who like to travel on camping trips. For those who are considering this option, it is wise to check if it is a good fit for your intended use. While it is quiet enough, this one may not be what you are looking for if sound is an important concern.

The third size, the most silent power generator for home

It can provide the same power as the small and medium models but with a small footprint. The generator looks like a refrigerator and is quite handy for its size. It is good for homes that need quiet power and does not require the regular upkeep required by the other models. For those who do not wish to spend time maintaining it, this is the ideal choice.

The largest model, the space-sized silent generator, is used in larger establishments. These are sometimes found in hotels, airports, hospitals and even prisons. They come with a long cord so they can be used anywhere there is electricity. Since they are portable, they are also quite convenient and quite useful to those who want to keep the noise level down when they are near large groups of people.In our modern life, nothing works without electricity. Our dependence on this resource is so great that in a few hours of interruption in the supply of electricity by local companies, domestic or business life already suffers several losses.

To ensure the lighting and operation of essential appliances in your home, an electric generator is an excellent investment.

If you live far from large urban centers, purchasing a generator for your home can also be a good alternative.

In campsites, boats and expeditions in the middle of nature, this equipment is also extremely useful.

For these cases, in addition to a portable generator, you should look for a model that is also quiet, to avoid the discomfort caused by constant noise.

Lets get deeper..

What is an Electric Generator?

Inverter Electric Generators are portable, silent, small and light generators, ideal for use at home, in offices, in shops and, of course, in DIY.

They are considered the generators with the highest quality of output voltage.

What does this mean?

That the output voltage is totally pure and there is no distortion in its voltage, so your electrical appliances will always be fully protected.

How to choose a Portable and Quietest Generator

But how do you know which is the best portable and quiet generator on the market?

Currently, all brands of generators have portable models and choosing the best is a controversial issue.

There are several brands operating in the United States and competing for leadership in the generator segment.

With such competition, the consumer is the winner, as more and more companies need to guarantee the quality of products and innovate in technology to remain competitive in the market.

But how to choose the best equipment? The answer is just one: a lot of research.

The first thing to do is to measure the nominal power of your portable generator, calculating in watts the power of all the electrical devices you intend to be connected to.

We teach you how to do this mathematical operation in detail in the article on how to calculate the power of a generator .

Once the power is decided, you will find a wide range of brands that provide portable generators.

Quietest (Silent) Portable Generators

If the search is for a super quiet model and the power required is low, a good option may be the portable generator Inverter, which produces direct current energy, converting it into alternating current energy.

This factor results in superior power, making the generator safer and more reliable for powering delicate electronic devices such as computers, televisions, digital equipment and cell phones.

Inverter models are also lighter and quieter compared to standard generators of the same power.

The models of this generator most commonly found are those with a power of 1 or 2 kVA.

The unit of measure kVA stands for kilo-volt-ampere and it is through it that you will be able to identify the power of a generator. The higher the kVA number, the more powerful the equipment.

Which is the Best Power Generator?

This question is quite generic and ends up generating several interpretations, so we separated this article into topics to help in understanding.

Gasoline Generator vs Diesel Generator

One of the first doubts is the difference, as pros and cons, between the two types of generators. Well, let’s go to them:

Gasoline Power Generator

Gasoline generators can be 2 and 4 stroke. They have some striking features of all gasoline engines.

Pros: They are quieter engines than diesel engines. This has greater significance when serving the public, that is, it makes no sense to leave a diesel generator close to your customers. Likewise, the 4-stroke engine is much quieter than the 2-stroke engine. (We’ll talk more about the electronic generators, which are the quietest on the market).

Cons: They have a higher fuel consumption, that is, if you need a generator to work always, instead of just as a contingency (when the light ends), a diesel generator is recommended. That’s because gasoline generators may even be cheaper, but they spend more over time. In addition, they are more complex engines, making them more likely to break.

Diesel Power Generator

Pros: They are more robust generators, that is, they have greater durability in comparison to those powered by gasoline. Likewise, diesel is a cheaper fuel, making consumption over time end up paying your highest initial investment.

Cons: In addition to making more noise, which can be a nuisance depending on the situation, diesel engines pollute more, not being ideal when your concern is to preserve the environment.

Digital Gasoline Power Generator

Pros: They are the quietest generators with great efficiency and economy. They automatically adjust the engine speed for the load used, in addition to being much quieter. Ideal for those who deal with customers and need the generator nearby.

Cons: Due to the technology used, its cost is much higher compared to generators of the same power.

 Best, cheapest, portable and quietest Generators of July 2021

Buying an Electric Generator can be a real headache, since finding a Quietest Generator at a good price and with the best quality and features is sometimes difficult.

However, with this guide you can choose the best generator that suits your needs and your pocket. After testing about 20 inverter generators that are available on the market, we have drawn the following conclusions:

1. LANZAROTE II 2000W by Genergy - One of the Cheapest Generators in Market

Lanzarote II from Genergy is the best option in 2021. It is a powerful generator, of excellent quality and at a low price. Ideal for use at home, campsites, caravans and also for DIY.

We don’t like to start at the end, but in this case we must: something that has made us opt for this specific model and the Genergy brand in general, was the excellent technical service response, something we always test.

Buying an electric generator online and receiving it at home is very convenient. But it can be a problem when you do not have much knowledge of mechanics, both when starting to use it, and when there is an incident or breakage that makes it difficult to manage over the phone.

One of the Cheapest Quiet Generators - LANZAROTE II

With Genergy, this is not a problem, as your priority is the customer.

Their technical service, direct contact with the company and the instructions for use make it seem like child’s play.

Unlike other brands, Genergy is headquartered in Spain, unlike the rest, which are spread throughout the United States, something that ensures that any problem will be solved quickly and with the maximum guarantee.

It has a 4-stroke OHV gasoline engine capable of generating 2000W of continuous power and of the best quality in any condition, protecting all your electronic equipment, however sensitive they may be.

It has a tank with 3.6 liters of capacity and a consumption of 0.64 liters / hour at 50%, and at 25% power it can work up to 9 continuous hours, a higher performance than other generators in the range. In addition, its lower fuel consumption and its ECO mode make it more ecological, reducing CO2 emissions.

What makes this generator the best?

In addition to its operation and the quality of energy it produces, there is its size (48x49x42), as well as its light weight (just 20.9 kg), 30% less than the other generators in the range. All of these make it excellent to transport.

And, of course, another of its advantages is that it is the quietest on the market, only 59 dB.

All these features make it the best choice for use at home, outdoors, office and business.

Therefore, if you want to buy an Inverter Generator , the Lanzarote II is the best option.


Regarding the brand, Genergy, we can also assure that it is the best generator brand in 2019, for several reasons:

Plug and Work Service

Or what is the same, starting the generator, so that you only have to start it and be able to enjoy your generator without any problem.

Technical service

Excellent technical and after-sales service. Few brands offer a service of this level.

Spare parts

Great availability of spare parts, through a complete catalog with ALL the parts and with a minimum availability of 10 years.

Other aspects

Personalization and attention to detail, permanent updating of your equipment that ensures constant improvement, serious and professional guarantee, among other aspects.


In conclusion, Genergy’s Lanzarote II is the best option for the following reasons.

  • Best quality / price ratio.
  • Zero Stress Program (Advanced Technical Service)
  • Infinit Machines (spare parts guaranteed 10 years)
  • Plug and Work (shipping and commissioning)

Product specifications

AC 230V Maximum-Nominal 2000W - 1600W
Noise level 59 dB
Engine Genergy SGE35 - 80 cc Gasoline 4-stroke OHV - forced air cooling
Voltage 230V
Fuel tank 3.6 L
Weight 20.9 kg
Warranty 2 years
Others Automatic shutdown due to lack of oil. Stabilized voltage. Automatic disconnection in case of overloads. (protects connected equipment). 12V output to charge car batteries.

Other Genergy Inverter Electric Generators :

  • IBIZA II 1000W 230V
  • MALLORCA III 3200W 230V with remote control

2. HONDA EU2200i 2200W - The Quietest Generator

Honda is a world-renowned brand of electric generators, and the Honda EU2200i is further evidence of this.

This generator is ranked 2 in this TOP 5 of Quietest generators for two reasons: on the one hand, its very high quality (indisputable Honda guarantee) and on the other, for being really silent.

It is a really easy to use generator with very simple instructions. You don’t need to be a skilled mechanic to handle it.

Quietest Generator Honda EU2200I


The led control panel notifies any problem with the generator in a visible and easy to identify way: low oil level, overload (also with alarm), green light when the generator is working and charging correctly.

It also has the possibility of connecting it with another Honda EU2200i Generator to obtain double the power for your electronic equipment.
It is not news that one of the most annoying characteristics of an electric generator is its noise, especially when it is used for home or outdoor activities. This is no longer a problem with the Honda Inverter… it is really quiet. So quiet that it produces less dB than normal conversation, the best in this regard.

Its compact design makes it extremely portable and useful for storage. Ideal for campsites, RVs, DIY and outdoor activities. It has a 3.6 liter tank, at 25% power it can work up to 8 continuous hours, and thanks to its ECO Mode that consumes less fuel, you can increase the autonomy considerably.

It has a 121cc GXR120 engine that makes it powerful and quiet. The motor and electronics are completely enclosed within the soundproof housing, protecting components and minimizing operating noise.


In conclusion, the Honda EU2200i is ...

  • Quietest and portable.
  • Efficient fuel consumption.
  • Inverter motor with excellent quality power.
  • The only downside? Its high price.

Product specifications

AC 230V Maximum-Nominal 2000W - 1800W
Noise level 48-57 dB
Engine 121cc GXR120
Voltage 120V
Fuel tank 3.6 L
Weight 21.32 kg
Warranty 3 years

Other Honda Inverter Generators:

  • EU10i 1000W
  • EU30iF Handy 3000W

3. WEN 56125i 1250W - One The Most Powerful and Cheap Generators

The WEN 56125i is one of those generators that can meet your power demand at a low price.

It has a 60cc OHV engine capable of generating 1250W, what you need to get out of trouble from a power outage, go camping or connect small electronic equipment. It’s certainly not for someone who needs a lot of power, but it’s for those looking for a low-cost, occasional-use generator.

Its motor guarantees energy of the highest quality, without voltage fluctuations, which protects all your electronic equipment, even the most sensitive ones.

Winner for the quietest generator Wen 1250W

If what you want is a generator to connect your laptop, tablets, mobile phones or sensitive appliances, there is no better option than an Inverter Generator.

It is the lightest Inverter generator in the category, which added to its compact design, makes it the most portable generator of this TOP 5.
The gasoline tank has a capacity of 2.65 liters operating up to 5 hours at 50% of its capacity, good performance compared to other generators of the same capacity.

Other characteristics that make it one of this TOP 5 Inverter generators is its really low sound level, as well as its weight, so light that it is 100% transportable.


In conclusion, the WEN 56125i:

  • Light and silent, like none
  • It has different types of connection ports, which allow you to connect any equipment.
  • Excellent fuel efficiency.
  • The only downside? It does not have technical service in Spain, so you must depend on the distributor for anything.

Product specifications

AC 230V Maximum-Nominal 1250W - 1000W
Noise level 51 dB
Engine 60cc OHV
Voltage 120V
Fuel tank 2.65 L
Weight 14.3 kg
Warranty 2 years

Other WEN Inverter Generators:

  • WEN 56380i 3800W
  • WEN 56225i 2250W

4. Westinghouse WH2200iXLT 2200W - The Best Power Generator

This Westinghouse Inverter generator is the second best in terms of quality / price ratio, after Genergy’s Lanzarote.

It is a small, portable and silent generator, but really powerful, ideal for the home and office or business.

Its power quality protects all connected electronic equipment and accessories, regardless of their sensitivity.

Westinghouse WH2200iXLT – The Cheapest Option on This List

With a 4.9-liter tank it works up to 13 continuous hours at 25% power. On the other hand, its ECO mode guarantees the right and necessary consumption for each moment, increasing the efficiency and autonomy of the generator and a lower cost of fuel.

In case you need more power, it can be connected to another equal generator and obtain double the watts of excellent quality.

It features an automatic low-oil shutdown, something low-priced generators like this don’t have.

Like other models, it is a compact and lightweight generator, easy to transport and store, and it is super quiet.

Something that this generator lacks, is a time-of-use clock, which facilitates its use and control and, therefore, it is an almost necessary aspect for any generator.


In conclusion, the Westinghouse WH2200iXLT:

  • Good price.
  • Silent and powerful.
  • Light and compact, 100% portable.
  • The only downside? This generator is a bit more difficult to handle and use than the rest.

Product specifications

AC 230V Maximum-Nominal 2200W - 1800W
Noise level 52 dB
Engine 79cc
Voltage 120V
Fuel tank 4.9 L
Weight 19.5 kg
Warranty 3 years

Other Westinghouse Inverter Generators:

  • iGEN 1200W
  • iGEN 2200W

5. PG2000iSN 2000W by Pulsar - The Most Portable Generator

This Pulsar generator is an excellent choice of powerful generator, really portable and very easy to use.

With a powerful 4-stroke single cylinder OHV engine, this model is capable of generating up to 2000W of power.

With a compact, portable and truly quiet design, it has a 4.5 liter fuel tank that lasts up to 8 hours at 50% power.

High-Powered and Convenient PG2000iSN 2000W

While it’s an excellent model, it does have a downside: it requires a period of adjustment before it starts working perfectly. So you shouldn’t expect it to work right from the start, it takes a while.

Product specifications

AC 230V Maximum-Nominal 2000W - 1600W
Noise level 59 dB
Engine 80cc OHV
Voltage 120V
Fuel tank 4.5 L
Weight 19.5 kg
Warranty 1 year

Other Pulsar Inverter Generators:

  • PG2200BiS 2200W
  • PG4000ISR 4000W

We hope this article has been helpful and serves as a guide when purchasing the best quietest generator for your home, office or a company.

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