Refurbished phones, complete guide: is it worth buying them?

What are reconditioned mobiles? Is it worth buying them? Or is it better to invest some more money in a new smartphone? These are some of the questions that may arise regarding this type of terminals and that today we intend to leave you resolved.

And, there are many occasions in which we see some products in online stores that carry this badge, and that sometimes cause some confusion among users. Therefore, without further delay, we will tell you everything you need to know about reconditioned mobiles, for that!

What are reconditioned mobiles?

A refurbished mobile is a smartphone that has been returned by a user after it has been purchased, and has been checked and repaired - if necessary - by the store or brand in question to verify its correct operation.

After this, they are put on sale again with a lower price than usual, but with all the guarantees that it is a product in good condition and 100% usable as a new product. Although, obviously, having already been used for a short period of time by another user, it is not possible to sell it as such.

Although the truth is that not all terminals come from the same use, since as we found products returned due to malfunction, there are also those that have not been returned due to a defect or a change of opinion of the user who bought it. In short, they can be reconditioned devices:

  • Smartphones that have been returned, either due to a defect or a change of opinion of the buyer.
  • Smartphones that have been used as an exhibition model in a store or event.
  • Smartphones that have been used in performance tests by the manufacturer.

It is necessary to distinguish very well between second-hand and reconditioned smartphones, since the second-hand terminals have been used by a user and put on sale without passing any type of quality control or operation, so it is not assured that it will go to perform as a terminal fresh out of the box. Security we do have when it comes to a reconditioned terminal.

Is it safe to buy a refurbished mobile?

Obviously, since they are terminals that have been repaired - if necessary - and that have passed a quality control, we can assure you that it is safe to buy a reconditioned mobile. Although eye, not in all circumstances.

Normally, when a store or a manufacturer offers a reconditioned mobile, it specifies what has caused the terminal to be categorized as reconditioned. And, if you are such people who do not like to see a scratch in the terminal, you may not be interested in buying a terminal that has suffered some damage in some previous transport and of which there are still marks still being repaired.

Beyond these types of situations, the truth is that reconditioned mobiles, a priori do not give any problem related to any of its previous defects. And if they do, the solution is the same as with any other type of terminal: go to the technical service of the brand.

Where can I buy refurbished phones with guarantees?

Today, there are quite a few stores that choose to offer reconditioned mobiles - obviously cheaper than new ones - because they are alternatives that many users value when we want to buy a high-end smartphone, but without spending all the money that It would cost us one of these.

For our part, we are going to recommend some stores that offer refurbished smartphones - of course, Amazon is included - and that enjoy good reviews regarding their technical and after-sales service :

  • The Phone House
  • PC components
  • Amazon

When is it advisable to buy a refurbished mobile?

On the other hand, it must also be said that it is appropriate to choose the best time to buy a refurbished mobile. And, if you buy a reconditioned mobile phone just released to the market - or that has not more than a year - you can save a few euros on a smartphone whose life is still quite long.

But there are other situations in which it compensates, such as when buying smartphones that do not usually fall in price, such as the iPhone, since after all, until they do not undergo a renovation, they maintain a high price level that you can lower

In other circumstances, buying a refurbished smartphone can also be a good option if you are looking for a second smartphone, or the typical mobile for your father or mother, since for the price of a mid-range of the most expensive, you can reach to get a high range of past years.

When is it not worth buying a refurbished mobile?

The truth is that, from our point of view, it is not worth buying a refurbished mobile when it has been in the market for a couple of years, for the simple fact that you are buying a smartphone with two predecessors, and the disbursement of money maybe Do not be worth considering that it is a product with a shorter shelf life than a terminal that has been on the market for a couple of months.

But we also think that it is not worth buying a reconditioned mobile on those occasions when the price of the same is little lower than the new mobile. That is to say, in a mobile of 600 euros, you may not be worth 20 euros of discount that the reconditioned model can offer you, and you prefer to go directly for the new one.

Beyond this, we also do not think it is a good option to buy a refurbished mobile when your successor is about to reach the market. That is, if there is a month left until the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S10, buying the reconditioned Galaxy S9 is not such a good option, since with the launch of the new model, the last year will decrease in price.

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