Haylou LS02 Smartwatch User Opinions And Reviews

Haylou LS02 Smartwatch User Opinions And Reviews

What do you want to get out of your smartwatch? An excellent smartwatch, in my opinion, fits your needs. Needs might include anything from tracking activity/health/fitness to monitoring heart rate, sleep statistics, and text and call notifications. 

The Haylou LS02 smartwatch is the follow-up to the Haylou LS01. The LS02 has all of the interesting features that a budget-conscious smartwatch should have. The wristwatch has a slew of sports and fitness monitoring capabilities that are enough to pique someone’s interest.

Contents of the box

  • Haylou LS02 (the device itself)
  • Magnetic charging cord
  • User-friendly manual

A Brief Overview 

Haylou LS02 Smartwatch A Brief Overview 

The Haylou Wristwatch 2 (LS02) is a stylish smartwatch that looks like an Apple watch. The build quality is great, using high-grade, long-lasting materials. It sports a 1.4-inch 2.5D curved tempered glass display with 320 × 320 pixels resolution. In direct sunshine, the screen is bright enough to see well.

This smartwatch is waterproof to IP68, which may be worn while swimming. It comes preloaded with several handy apps to aid in your fitness and daily routines. Track your heart rate in real-time, gain insight into your sleep statistics, keep track of how many calories you lose in a day, and more. It has 12 distinct sports modes to assist you in your workout and fitness quest.

It connects to the internet using Bluetooth 5.0 and pairs rapidly. The battery life is fantastic. The watch could last up to 20 days on a single battery with heart rate tracking enabled. 

In terms of features, this low-cost smartwatch is fantastic. It’s appropriate for both men and women of all ages. You will not experience any discomfort when wearing it, and it is ideal for any circumstance. The battery life is the cherry on the cake. In terms of battery life, you can count on it to provide.


  • Not Costly
  • Incredible build quality makes it long-lasting.
  • The screen is luminous and has great saturation.
  • Excellent battery life.
  • Data accuracy is great.


  • Not so smooth transitions when changing to a different screen.
  • The sleep mode option still holds the display brightness.

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Design & Display

Haylou LS02 Smartwatch Design & Display

The Haylou watch is particularly appealing in style since Apple watches influence it. This design is, nonetheless, rather prevalent nowadays. The majority of firms opt to create apple watch replicas. 

The build quality is outstanding. This Chinese smartwatch is made of high-quality materials and does not appear to be inexpensive. 

A 2.5D glass is used to cover the display, a flat glass that bends towards the edges. The 1.4-inch touchscreen display supports touch and has a resolution of 320 by 320 pixels. 

Looking at it from the side, you’ll see some bezels on the top and bottom because it has an LCD screen.

A button can switch on/off the smartwatch and a back button on the right. A heart rate monitor and magnetic charging connections are located on the device’s rear. 

It has a high-quality silicone strap that is anti-allergic and water-resistant. You can effortlessly detach the strap and substitute it with any 20mm third-party strap with a little tap. 

Most people avoid cleaning their watches for fear of harming the gadget and the strap, but you may wash the complete unit because it is IP68 water-resistant and the straps are washable.

Fitness, Health & Activity Tracking

Fitness, Health & Activity Tracking

The Haylou LS02 watch comes with many useful fitness applications to aid you in your fitness goals. This contains a step counter app to keep track of your steps, a BPM & HR app to keep a close eye on your blood pressure and heart rate in real-time, and a sports app with various workouts to provide insights into your health vitals while exercising. 

Interestingly, this watch also allows you to practice your breathing. This function is common in Apple watches, and it’s included here as well. Learn when to breathe in and out with this function, which will aid your breathing training.

Better understand your sleep with automated sleep tracking. This Haylou wristwatch two can automatically track and record your sleep patterns, including deep sleep, light sleep, and awake. This is beneficial since it lets you increase the quality of your sleep and wake up in a healthy and energized state. 

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Preview of the Haylou App 

Preview of the Haylou App 

To pair Haylou smartwatches, you must first download the Haylou official app, accessible on Google Play and Apple AppStore. This program gathers raw data about your activity, which you may examine.

By using this app, you can:

  • Know how many steps are taken in a day.
  • Know total calories burned for exercises.
  • Get insights to sleep data.
  • Check on-call reminders, SMS reminders, APP reminders, etc
  • Track heart rate data.

Haylou LS02 Features & More

Haylou LS02 Features & More

Sport Mode 

The Haylou LS02 Smartwatch has 12 distinct sports modes that capture data from various activities such as jogging, fast walking, bicycling, hiking, spinning, yoga, indoor racing, integrated training, gymnastics, volleyball, football, and rowing. Thanks to the sensors, the precision of this data is rather excellent. 

Apps for Everyday Use 

You may access current weather information on its weather app by allowing location permission. 

In addition, a sleep app may be used to monitor tracking data such as sleep time, how much light and good sleep you’ve had, and more. 

Then there’s notice, which is a free app. This app displays all of the missed alerts from the past.

A music controller app allows you to control music playback from your wrist. 

This wristwatch also has other handy features such as a stopwatch, timer, reminders, countdowns, etc. 

Where Can I Find My Phone? 

The find my phone function is useful for locating your phone if it is misplaced in the room. The watch transmits a signal to your phone when you double-tap, and the phone vibrates and makes a sound. 

Customize the look of your watch 

Preloaded watch faces are included with the Haylou smartwatch 2. To personalize, long-press on the default watch face and all other watch faces will appear for you to pick from.

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The waterproofing of the Haylou smartwatch is outstanding. The waterproofing is excellent, and the smartwatch can be washed at any moment. This smartwatch is perfect for swimming and can effortlessly withstand water sprays thanks to its IP68 waterproofing. 

Life of the Batteries 

The Haylou LS02 is equipped with a 260mAh battery. The battery life is outstanding. With all capabilities switched on, including heart rate tracking, the manufacturer promises a battery life of 20 days. 

With heart rate monitoring turned off, it could last up to 30 days. This is made feasible by the battery’s enormous capacity. The anti-short circuit chip and next-generation low-energy circuit design keep your watch powered up for a long period.

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Heart rate tracking OFF: 30+Days

Heart rate tracking ON: 20+ Days

Time to charge: 2 hours


  1. What is the material that the watch casing and lens are made of? 

Polycarbonate + ABS watch case with curved tempered glass lens 

  1. What is the thickness of the Haylou smartwatch 2? 

1.2cm in thickness 

  1. Is it possible to change the strap?

Yes, the default strap may be taken off. You may use any 20mm watch strap to replace it. 

  1. Is the Haylou Smartwatch 2 a woman’s watch? 

All genders of any age can wear the smartwatch. 

  1. Can I view the number of calls and text messages I’ve received?

Yes. All calls and text message alerts are displayed on the screen. 

I hope you enjoyed reading our Haylou LS02 Smartwatch Review! 

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