Running watch manufacturer Polar has included continuous heart rate monitoring in its M430 model

The Polar M430 watch now has the capability to display a continuous heart rate.

The M430, the successful successor to the widely used M400, is designed to be used mostly as a running partner. The wearable device keeps track of your steps, distance traveled, calories burned, and sleep quality, and it also relays notifications from your smartphone. Its heart rate monitor is wrist-based and equipped with six LEDs, and it also has an accelerometer and built-in GPS.

Using the most recent firmware upgrade, Polar has equipped the tracker with the capability to monitor the user’s heart rate continuously around the clock. While you are at rest, the M430 will take a reading at a minimum frequency of once every five minutes. However, when it detects that you are exercising, it will take readings considerably more frequently. Because of this, it can be used as a health tracker during the entire day. Before the upgrade, the M430 would only use the heart rate sensor when the user was engaged in physical activity.

In addition to this, the device will now monitor your resting heart rate, which is maybe the single most important measure of your overall health and fitness. It will also use this information to give you better direction as you work towards your activity goals.

Other important aspects have not been altered. You are provided with a number of running and recovery data points, including training load, training benefit, fitness test, and running index (running VO2Max). When used with Polar’s all-in-one Flow platform, the M430 becomes a virtual running coach that can give you feedback based on your needs.

Polar’s running watch just keeps getting better and better. If you are in the market for a running watch, this is an option that you should absolutely take into consideration because it comes equipped with an internal GPS, continuous heart rate tracking, and a variety of other performance measures.

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