Samsung Releases a Special Golf-Themed Galaxy Watch Model

Samsung Releases a Special Golf-Themed Galaxy Watch Model

Today, Samsung revealed a Golf Edition of the Galaxy Watch. The software is the only distinction between this and the original variant.

There are a tonne of new gadgets for golf hitting the market right now. These tools provide previously unattainable new insights into the game.

With the Galaxy Watch Golf Edition, Samsung is taking part in the fun. The device is currently only offered in South Korea, but it is anticipated that this will change soon.

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The technological behemoth has experience in this field. Samsung debuted the Gear S3 Golf Edition, which included the Smart Caddie app, last year. The programme offers features like shot tracking and score keeping and has information on 60,000 golf courses across the world. Golfers can monitor their progress online and via a smartphone app.

Samsung released a special golf-themed Galaxy Watch model.

This is also true of the Galaxy Edition edition. The pre-installed software is the same, but because the battery life is longer, you can play three rounds of golf or 54 holes on one charge.

Given that Garmin already has a strong offering in this space, it will be fascinating to see if the South Korean tech titan can secure a sizable portion of the market. The cost of the watch for the 42mm and 46mm sizes is 389,900 won ($350) and 409,700 won ($370), respectively.

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