Scanwatch Horizon will make its debut in the United States on May 17th, according to Withings

On May 17th, according to an announcement made by Withings, the Scanwatch Horizon will be available for purchase in the United States. The product was first shown to the public in October of the previous year in Europe, and within a few days of its introduction, it was completely sold out.

The Withings Horizon is a premium version of the Scanwatch that comes equipped with health functions of a medical-grade and a design inspired by divers. The Horizon is equipped with a rotatable bezel, luminous indices, and a water resistance that has been increased to 10 ATM.

The product that came before it has been in existence for a few years now. It is available for purchase in a number of nations throughout the globe, including those in Europe, and just recently began doing business in the United States. This is the moment when the firm was granted permission from the FDA for the device.

A long back, we conducted a review on the hybrid health tracking device, and we rated it an 8 out of a possible 10. The timepiece is designed for individuals who wish to monitor their health, as well as their activity and sleep, but do it in a way that does not appear to be a fitness tracker. Electrocardiograms (ECGs) on-demand, monitoring for cardiac abnormalities, monitoring breathing during sleep, and monitoring blood oxygen saturation are all features of this system. As is the functionality of tracking activities and sports at a more fundamental level. However, only Connected GPS is available rather than a built-in system.

The Withings Scanwatch Horizon is the same hybrid watch, but it has been updated to reflect a diver’s look

The French company improved upon the previous design in both its aesthetics and its usefulness in order to create something that was distinctively their own. The original Scanwatch provides robust health tracking while maintaining a certain air of sophistication. Horizon lends an even higher level of class and sophistication to the gadget. According to Withings, the design of the watch was influenced by the classic style of premium diver watches.

The hybrid has retained its analogue face design while having a casing that is 43 millimetres in diameter. On the other hand, this has been improved with features that are often seen on high-end diving watches. This comprises a revolving bezel made of stainless steel with markings carved on it using a laser. These marks include the conventional codes of diving techniques. In addition, the casing of the Horizon is made of sapphire glass with an anti-reflection coating and a titanium finish. Because of the Luminova hollow watch hands, indicators, and thick indices, everything seems much more stunning than it already did. These features make the watch usable even in dim light.

The water resistance has been increased from 5ATM on the model that came before it to 10ATM, which is what you would expect from a watch designed for divers. Because of this, Scanwatch Horizon is an excellent location for water-based activities including swimming, snorkelling, and other water sports.

Bear in mind that despite this, an excellent health-tracking functionality is still available. This is in addition to an exceptional battery life of thirty days. Using the power reserve option can give you an additional 20 days of battery life. It takes around two hours to fully charge from a dead battery to full capacity.

The Withings Scanwatch Horizon is a timepiece that is only available in limited quantities

The previous year, Scanwatch Horizon became offered to customers across Europe. This is a special edition watch, and shortly after the debut, all of the units that had been allotted to the United Kingdom as well as the rest of Europe were purchased.

The big unveiling for the United States will be on May 17th. The wearable device will cost $499.95, and consumers will have the option of purchasing either a green or blue variant. A fluoroelastomer band and an Oyster Metal Link wristband are included in the package. The fluoroelastomer band is designed for more general sports usage, while the Oyster Metal Link bracelet gives the watch a traditional diver watch aesthetic. On the website of Withings, customers who are interested in purchasing the watch can indicate their desire to do so.

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