Boost your Cognitive Capabilities with the Help of This Home Neurotherapy System

Whatever you focus on in your thoughts tends to become a reality in your life. But what if you were able to exert control over your mind naturally? If only you could tap into the latent brilliance that lies within you. What if there was a gadget that could help you attain peak performance, focus, meditate, and more simultaneously? is a clinical-grade wearable device in the form of a headset that promotes brain signals through the use of audio cues as well as fair treatment.

After being in development for close to three years, the campaign to bring into existence has finally been launched on Indiegogo. The company has successfully collected a massive $715,000 up until the eleventh and last day of the campaign. That is more than 2,000 percent more than the relatively low financial goal for the project, which was $30,000. Why is there such a vast interest? is a Professional-Level Brain Trainer and Coach

The device goes well beyond other similar technologies that can be used at home. This is a machine that has seven patents (at various levels of acceptance) under its hood, and it is something that you can use to improve the quality of your brainwaves whenever and wherever you choose. You might think of it as a high-quality brain trainer that fits in the palm of your hand.

More than 20 clinically developed programs are included with the system. These programs include Clinical Grade EEG Neurofeedback (three sensors along the midline, signal fidelity to 50 Hz), Photobiomodulation (infrared light therapy via seven specialized LEDs – up to 1024 Hz), and heart rate variability training. Each session lasted for approximately twenty minutes and was designed by brain scientists to strengthen healthy patterns of brainwave activity. The goal is to complete at least three of these activities every single week.

The manufacturer claims that after using their product for a period of eight weeks, an average user can anticipate a 16 percent boost in accuracy, a 12 percent increase in reaction time, and a 19 percent gain in thinking speed. These statistics were derived from experiments that used procedures that were quite similar to those used by

The application gives you access to a wide variety of distinct programs, each of which can be completed independently or as part of a larger objective. Some of these are designed to help boost your mood, while others are designed to help encourage deep work, improve sleep, focus, bliss, creativity, and other areas.

You also have the option of going for a rapid boost. For instance, you can provide gamma waves to your brain by stimulating it with light. This will invigorate you and make you more alert, just like a cup of coffee would. Or how about some alpha waves to help you think more clearly while maintaining your composure? Or how about a Theta boost to help you relax and unwind?

To use, you need to launch the app on your smartphone and permit it to connect with the headset. Make your choice from Boost, Train, or Assess. Then it would be best if you let the session finish out its time. After that, you will be able to look at the data. During each session, over 1.4 million different biometrics are collected., in contrast to similar gadgets, provides feedback regarding the efficiency of its operation. A device known as a Geniuspulse Controller is included in the kit as standard. This piece of hardware has a display and resembles a remote control in its overall design. It will run a game for fifteen minutes that will record the precise timing of your brain’s response and your decisions, your physical response, and other things.

The mobile application that goes along with it monitors your progress and lets you know precisely where you have been at all times. You can monitor the progression of your HRV training scores, brain training tallies, brain speed of processing, and other metrics to observe how they have evolved over time.

You can follow this link to read more about the research that led to the development of On that website, you’ll also find a lengthy list of studies conducted by independent researchers that vouch for the reliability of the underlying technology. Having said that, it is vital to bring to your attention the fact that the clinical trials are currently in the planning stage.

According to the Canadian neurotech start-up, the headpiece can accommodate numerous users at once. To ensure that the headset is aware of who is using it, each individual will need to set up their own individual account.

The disappointing piece of information is that’s cost can be relatively high. You’ll need a hefty sum of $999 to have one of these shipped to your house in May of the following year. That is a discount of 33 percent compared to the retail price of $1,495 that it will have once it is available.

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