Shipping delays have been reported for the Fitbit Luxe; an update is due "in the next few weeks"

The distribution of Fitbit’s Luxe fitness tracker has been delayed indefinitely. It was scheduled to ship in late May, but now it is anticipated that it will ship sometime in June.

The following email has been sent to some of those individuals who have placed a pre-order.

We are grateful that you were one of the first customers to order our most recent addition to our line of fitness and wellness trackers, the Fitbit Luxe. We sincerely hope that you are just as thrilled about it as we are!

We wanted to let you know that we are still putting a few finishing touches on the product experience, and we expect you to receive your Luxe within the next few weeks.

We’re putting in a lot of effort to get your tracker to you as quickly as possible, and we can assure you that the wait will be well worth it!

The staff at Fitbit

In addition, users will receive a fifty percent discount on a Luxe accessory.

There does not appear to be a single apparent reason why Fitbit has been plagued with delays. It’s possible they’re squashing any remaining bugs at the last minute. This is the first time that I can recall in recent history that a Fitbit product did not go out according to the initial specifications.

The majority of European merchants, including Amazon and FNAC/Boulanger (in France), have moved the shipment date to July 1, so customers should check back then. Since the end of May, this has been revised. A couple of the stores have not provided an exact date, instead stating that it is “to be announced.” It has done the same thing in Australia, moving from late May into June. The event date is July 7 by a neighborhood store in the nation called The Good Guys.

Those who have inquired about the matter through the Fitbit live chat have been informed that there is not a definite date. And that the team will inform them when the item is prepared for shipment when it is ready.


The Fitbit shop in the United States has changed the release date so that it now says “ships in June.” It is possible that residents in the country will receive their equipment before residents of other locations. However, there is still no definite date to refer to.

Those who have already placed their pre-orders will be dissatisfied with the delay. However, it is encouraging that Fitbit is keeping them apprised of developments in the issue through direct communication.

The Luxe wearable from Fitbit is undoubtedly the company’s most appealing product to date. It is able to incorporate a large amount of health and fitness tracking features (including all of the fundamentals as well as stress and blood oxygen monitoring) into a very thin body. The sleek AMOLED touchscreen display contributes to the overall appealing nature of this feature. The water resistance of the Luxe is certified at 5 ATMs, and a single charge will keep it operational for around five days.

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