Sky Mobile has unveiled a new smartwatch designed specifically with children's wellbeing in mind

Sky Mobile, based in the UK, has released a children’s smartwatch aimed at children aged 5 to 12 years old. It has been given the name Spacetalk, and it features GPS and 3G connectivity, in addition to being built with the user’s safety in mind.

The product can be obtained straight away on the official website of the company. A subscription costs £10 per month and includes 1 gigabyte of data in addition to unrestricted voice and text messaging. Unused monthly data will be automatically carried over to the next month, and parents will be able to buy more data if they need to.

The watch has a wide variety of functions and appears to have been designed with careful consideration. The GPS tracker makes it possible for parents to keep an eye on their children and to receive notifications if the wearer of the tracker leaves a predetermined In addition to “Safe Zone,” there is a function known as “Location on Demand” that provides an instantaneous update on the child’s whereabouts in real time. This feature may be used whenever the parent desires. The presence of 4G capabilities enables the device to operate as a fully functional mobile phone when worn on the wrist. Users get access to voice calling as well as the ability to send and receive text messages. Contacts need to be pre-approved using a Sky Mobile SIM card in order to ensure the user’s safety.

Parents will be relieved to learn that the watch doesn’t have any apps and does not connect to the internet; this means that children will not have access to social media platforms. In addition, there is no camera. With the push of a button, the functionalities of the watch can be toggled out of “School Mode,” which is its own distinct mode. Additionally, the device is capable of displaying the current time.

Spacetalk is different from other children’s timepieces in that it does not have any functionality related to health. Those are the situations in which a Fitbit or Garmin might serve you better.

“The SPACETALK Kid’s Watch is the latest in a range of products from Sky to help keep children safe,” said Sophia Ahmad, Director of Sky Mobile. “The SPACETALK Kid’s Watch is the latest in a range of products from Sky to help keep children safe.”

We wanted to give parents some peace of mind prior to the start of the new school year by introducing a product that will assist them in monitoring their children at all times, whether they are participating in after-school activities or are making their way to and from school on their own.

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