STATSports has introduced the world's very first GPS-enabled sports bra

1STATSports has just introduced its first ever linked women’s product, a sports monitoring bra integrated with GPS technology.

We have discussed the Northern Irish band on numerous occasions in our articles. Since its founding in 2007, the company has developed a wide variety of innovative products: the APEX Athlete Series, a pioneering performance tracking wearable for soccer players. Amateur athletes are able to use the same technology that is used by professionals thanks to this equipment.

However, the latter market is the one that the corporation concentrates on the majority of the time. It is composed of 14 Premier League clubs as well as teams from the WSL. Additionally, STATSports has long-term cooperation relationships with a number of national teams and a multi-year contract with the United States Soccer Federation (USSF).

A GPS-enabled sports bra

Now the business has adapted its flagship device to fit into something that can be worn comfortably by women – a GPS sports bra. This allows ladies to take advantage of the capabilities of the company’s flagship product. This product will take the place of the standard STATSports unisex performance vest, which ladies have been wearing up to this point.

The STATSports Apex pod is designed to be carried discretely within the garment itself. The pod contains technology that is capable of measuring sixteen critical parameters, such as maximum speed, high-speed running distance, high-intensity distance, step balance, sprints, and stress load, among others. The bra features an extended shape, which makes it pleasant to wear and secure when competing and practicing. Additionally, it features removable cups, which make it possible to customize the size of the cup.

The women’s soccer scene is thriving. According to statistics provided by FIFA, there are currently 29 million women and girls playing football around the world, and it is anticipated that this number will double by the year 2026. There are over 1.1 million registered female players in Europe alone, in addition to 48 national women’s football leagues and close to 720,000 registered female, young players.

It’s fantastic to see STATSports develop a product specifically geared for female soccer fans, as the sport’s popularity is rapidly expanding. In football, it’s important to always have an advantage over the other team, and this product will give female players a competitive edge.

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