Stay hydrated while assisting others in accessing safe drinking water with Hydrade

Hydrade is a smart, eco-friendly water bottle that helps others have access to safe drinking water while keeping you hydrated.

The gadget has now raised over $100,000 on Kickstarter, roughly twice its original campaign goal. Hydrade is still accessible on Indiegogo in-demand even though funding has already ended.

You may be wondering why this 24 oz (710 ml) smart water bottle is so popular.After all, the market is filled with numerous other items that are identical.

To start with, you will never have to think about charging it. An integrated solar panel that activates whenever there is light powers the Hydrade completely. The device can run for up to 20 days on a fully charged battery.

The bottle monitors your fluid intake, makes daily hydration recommendations based on your unique needs, and delivers “drink” reminders. As you might anticipate, there is a companion smartphone app that allows you to personalise everything and keep track of trends. Additionally, you may sync the data with a few activity wearables and well-known health apps (Fitbit, Apple, etc.). Additionally, the double wall insulation made of BPA-free, environmentally friendly stainless steel keeps beverages hot for 13 hours and cold for 22 hours.

Finally, it’s reassuring to know that every drink you consume contributes to a worthwhile cause in addition to keeping your body hydrated. Hydrade donates to Charity: Water in proportion to the amount of liquid you consume.

Cost: $35 and up


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