Steel by Pebble - Is It Simple Enough?

The Pebble Steel could be the correct pick if you’re looking for a low-cost wristband that’s simple to see when you’re outdoors. It was initially introduced in 2015 and features a longer battery life as well as an easy-to-use control mechanism, making it a purchase you won’t soon regret.

How Does The Design Hold Up?

In terms of appearance, Pebble Steel is stylish and provides the sense of being a high-end timepiece. It wouldn’t seem out of place with a dress for business, thanks to its stainless steel dial and stylish leather band. It may appear to be a little obsolete, but since it is not a huge gadget, it may easily be confused for a vintage clock.

The Pebble Steel is quite pleasant to wear on your wrists, and you won’t have to remove it when you take a bath or go swimming since it is waterproof up to 50 metres deep. Even in strong sunshine, the e-ink display is pleasant to view. You won’t have to worry about finding a shaded area to utilise it.

Salient Features 

The Pebble Steel can only have eight applications on the home screen widget at any given moment, making it tough to choose your favourites. There is, however, an accompanying app for your cell phone that allows you to virtually store other applications and change out the ones you have accessibility to.

The Pebble Steel includes its own system, and instead of being an unfortunate competitor to Android, it offers a remarkable number of apps to select from. You may easily customise your clock face, install the applications you wish to utilise on the device, and organise your digital application vault.

How to Use The Pebble Steel 

You might be excused for attempting to operate this device by tapping the display, but it is really driven by a series of keys on the device’s edges. You just go around the interface with the keys, and you’ll find that you become used to this technique of using the wristwatch rather fast. On the right-hand side, there are 3 sections, the centre of which is your straight path to the home screen bar as well as the remaining two for exploration.

When it pertains to recharging the gadget, all you have to do is hook the magnetised power cord to the watch’s corner socket and wait for it to charge back up and be ready to use.

Battery Capacity 

One of the finest features of the Pebble Steel is its battery capacity, which may last up to five days before it has to be recharged. Most wristbands don’t last as long as the Pebble Steel can, but that’s because it has an e-paper display and doesn’t have many strong applications which will be utilised throughout the day.

Because recharging takes a bit of time, you’ll need to plan ahead and think about when you’ll be able to connect it. However, if you schedule it to charge nightly, you won’t have to be concerned about just how long it would take.

Pros and Cons 


  • Even when you’re using it to access applications all through the day, it has a great battery capacity of 5 days.
  • Clear e-Ink display which can be viewed from any location.
  • The strap may be upgraded to a metal variant
  • Wearable for the entire day.
  • The Pebble Platform has a large number of applications.
  • Notifications are sent to the watch directly.
  • As long as you have the texting system on your wristwatch, you may view your texts on the display without pulling your smartphone out.
  • There are a variety of watch displays to pick from.


  • Instead of a display, the connection is activated through buttons.
  • For a wristwatch which has remained on the marketplace for a while, it is very pricey.
  • At any given moment, the watch can only have eight applications open.
  • A chunky covering that appears to be a little out of date.
  • You must physically remove alerts both from the smartphone and the smartwatch and wait for them all to go.
  • Because the watch’s technology isn’t brand new, this wristwatch is much more simple than several modern, less expensive watches.

Are You Getting Your Money’s Worth With The Pebble Steel? 

When you examine what more recent smartwatches have to offer, you might assume Pebble Steel has outlived its usefulness. However, despite the limited amount of applications available, this wristwatch does have a lot more to offer. It boasts a perfectly bright display in all seasonal changes, is waterproof, and has a long battery life that can last up to five days before needing to be charged.

The Pebble Steel is a good option if you want a basic timepiece that can also serve as an efficient work monitor. The cost of obtaining one, on the other hand, may deter you. Overall, we enjoyed it, but we would certainly look around before purchasing it.

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