Suunto 5 Smartwatch User Opinions And Reviews

Suunto 5 Smartwatch User Opinions And Reviews

Suunto’s latest GPS-tracking, multi-sport wellness watch fits with the Finnish brand’s laid-back aesthetic. Underneath the rugged shell, this replacement for the Suunto Austere Coach Wrist HR delivers functionality seen on Suunto’s higher-end watches to the mid-range bargain area.

The Suunto 5 has a battery life of 40 hours. In addition, the gadget has a smart direction that reminds users to charge the device before the next session if the battery is too low to finish it. There are flexible meal plans, fitness level tracking, exercise, rest, and stress monitoring. The watch also offers heart rate tracking for 80 different activity modes.

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When comparing the Suunto 5 to its predecessor, it’s impossible to tell them apart. A similar small screen exists, but with significantly less room for details. The watch is still controlled by the Suunto signature five side catches, and there is no touchscreen. There are a lot of rigid joints that stand out from the watch face and dip down into the silicone strap, just like the Suunto Straightforward Mentor Wrist HR. While the strap can be twisted to accommodate your arm’s condition, it’s not as flexible as other straps. It wasn’t easy to find a truly comfortable fit when tested, especially while sleeping. Furthermore, the watch’s locked joints give it a chunkier feel on the wrist. It’s also smaller and more compact than Suunto 5.

The Suunto 5 has a 4-Drove optical pulse screen on the underside and the standard four-stick charging port. Fortunately, the charging port remains the same as other Suunto watches, keeping you safe from Garmin’s annoying habit of changing USB ports with every new gadget. Because the heart rate sensor isn’t as high as other devices, a powerful knock won’t cause any discomfort. Black, White, Burgundy Copper, and Graphite Copper are the four colors available for the watch.


The Suunto 5 is a fantastic watch with a unique feature that allows you to modify your preparation plans. The Suunto 5 generates seven-day training regimens based on the goals you choose. You may enhance or boost your fitness in a variety of ways. There is an aim length and power for each recommended session. The watch offers constant updates during a session to keep users working at the appropriate level.

The preparation plan does not suggest which activity users should complete for each session. Users can, however, look down from the home screen to see what sessions are scheduled for the week and the total amount of exercise time.

If users enable flexible training, they will be given the following session recommendation based on their performance in the previous exercise and how well they have recovered.

The new Suunto application provides users with a wealth of post-exercise information. There are some additional wellness measurements, such as PTE (Pinnacle Preparing Impact) and EPOC, in addition to the typical pace, separation, speed, and pulse details (Assessed Post-Exercise Oxygen Utilization). In addition to pressure following, the Suunto 5 joins the new Garmin Trailblazer.

The importance of rest for one’s health, well-being, and prosperity is well stated. The optical pulse sensor identifies large changes in pulse data during times of rest to provide a general rest score that determines the amount and quality of a person’s sleep (0-100).

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The Suunto 5 is a well-made watch with excellent specifications. The Suunto 5’s 40-hour claimed battery life in preparation mode, and 14-day battery life in watch mode and intelligent updates are two of the device’s strongest selling factors. If the watch detects that you’re running short on energy, these modifications to the battery modes offer enhanced power-saving.

Suunto has created a cost-effective multi-sport fitness tracker that includes wellness tracking and heart rate monitoring.


Despite the watch face being the same size as the Polar Vantage M and Garmin Harbinger 245, the display deteriorates in bright light. The little 218 by 218 screen is surrounded so that the data displayed feels confined, which is unusual. Furthermore, compared to most other watches, it lacks clarity and originality even though the backdrop illumination is dim, glares, and is difficult to read in various light settings. Furthermore, the Suunto 5 scratched readily, questioning Suunto’s well-known solidity.

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The Suunto 5 crams a lot of features into a little multi-sport watch, but the smaller display could be a deal-breaker. The Garmin Nature is a good option because it offers a similar rough concept with highlights tailored to outdoor activities. The lightweight Precursor 245 or the long-lasting Coros Pinnacle are good options for multi-sport athletes who enjoy jogging.


Despite its good features, the Suunto 5 feels outdated and uncomfortable, even compared to Suunto’s watches. It’s difficult to get over the bad screen, unclear route, and slightly unappealing design. Garmin, Polar, and the new Coros brand currently offer significantly greater value for money. Suunto is known for its massive, rugged, built-to-last watches, designed for situations when your technology is likely to be battered. They’ve rarely deviated from that path, and the new Suunto 5 is no exception.

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