Tag Heuer is now offering a Connected Caliber E4 model in 42mm and 45mm sizes

Tag Heuer has just introduced two new watches today in a digital presentation. The Tag Heuer Connected Caliber E4 comes in two different sizes: 42 millimeters and 45 millimeters. Both will be able to run Google WearOS 3.0 whenever it is made available around the end of this year.

Approximately seven years ago, the Swiss business introduced the world’s very first connected watch. Since then, Tag Heuer has solidified its position as one of the industry’s foremost authorities on the production of high-end smartwatches. There have been several iterations of the Connected series, one of which is a Golf Edition, and we’ve seen them all.

In 2018, the business introduced the Tag Heuer Super Mario smartwatch, which retails for $2,150. That is quite a high price to pay for a watch that will most likely go out of date within the next several years. However, within a few short days of the product’s launch, all of the units were purchased! There is unquestionably a customer base for something of this nature.

Two versions of the connected Caliber E4 are available

Now, Tag Heuer is making a comeback with two brand-new watches that are part of its Connected collection. They are available in the shape of the Connected Caliber E4 in two different sizes: the bigger 45 mm and the smaller 42 mm. As one might anticipate from a luxury wristwatch, the new collection has a high-quality construction that embodies the brand’s commitment to elegance and meticulous attention to detail.

Tennis ace Naomi Osaka is included in a few of the posters that were used for promotion.

The 42mm model features a gender-neutral appearance and is designed for people who have wrists that are not as thick. It is available with a case made of titanium or stainless steel, and it has a variety of strap options, some of which are made of leather, while others are made of rubber or steel.

The 1.28-inch OLED screen of the watch seamlessly integrates with the case, and the bezel is so subtle that it’s almost impossible to notice. It has a resolution of exactly 412 pixels by 412 pixels (326ppi). The battery life lasts for roughly 24 hours with average use, which is about par for a Wear OS watch course.

Image source: Tag Heuer

The 45mm model is simply an updated version of the previous generation; hence, it does away with some of the elegance in favor of a more robust and athletic form. It has a 1.39-inch OLED display with a resolution of 454 by 454, and its pixel density is 326. The construction of the watch can also be customized, as can the strap.

Compared to the previous generation’s model, this one has a battery life that is increased by thirty percent longer than the previous one. That is equivalent to slightly more than a full day’s worth of use under normal circumstances.

The addition of new dials is one of the ways in which this collection has been expanded. A watch face called the Riverside displays the passage of time as a futuristic animated lava-like pattern. A Wellness watch face is one of the additional watch face possibilities. This one focuses on the facts regarding your activities and features a real-time depiction of your heart rate. In addition to these, throughout the year 2022, there will be different renditions of iconic Connected faces that will be released.

Additionally, Tag Heuer has improved its Sports app as a result of this chance. In addition to all of the information that can be gleaned from tracking their activities, users are now provided with a seven-minute guided program that assists them in working out even when they are pressed for time. Have a shorter amount of time than that? That is not a problem because you may adjust the length of the workout to be less than seven minutes long. Other individualized programs are available to cater to a wide variety of workout requirements and objectives.

The most recent watches from Tag Heuer will come equipped with Google Wear OS2 right out of the box. The presence of Google Wear OS2 comes as no surprise, given that Samsung is the only firm that presently offers watches equipped with Wear OS3. Because the Snapdragon Wear 4100+ technology is included in both versions of this generation, the new operating system will be able to be installed on it once it is generally available to the public.

Beginning on the 10th of March, customers will be able to purchase the Tag Heuer Connected Caliber E4 watches. The more compact model will begin at a price of $1,800, while the 45mm model will begin at a price of $2,050.

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